LeadsMarket is a technology company that operates a platform for publishers to find buyers in real-time. It’s a marketplace that provides access to personal loans, business loans, and auto loans.

Marco Ponce is the marketing manager of the organization. At his current stint as Head of Optimization, Leadsmarket, he has been optimizing and managing over 100 money lending online platforms.

Marco came to know about Truepush from ProductHunt, a leading e-discovery platform. The customer’s reviews intrigued him so much that he decided to integrate Truepush web push notification service for a few of his portals. Marco already had an experience of using other push notifications tools such as OneSignal, Zopush, etc. and thus, suggested some changes like opt-in average, welcome message CTR, Optin rate, CTR rate, Unsubscribe rate, see event CVR, etc.

Truepush, being a receptive & reciprocating team, saw this valuable feedback as an opportunity and made advancements in some features. It also included a few elements in the product roadmap. It impressed Marco so much that he left us a review on Capterra, a peer review platform that helps millions of people find the best business software solution. He has rated Truepush as a genuinely satisfying service with 5/5 rating stars.


Marco Ponce review on Truepush notifications on capterra review platform
Marco Ponce, Head of Optimization at LeadsMarket reviewed Truepush
on ProductHunt.

As Marco noticed the robustness and stability of the free push platform, he got fully convinced that Truepush is the best push notification tool in the market and decided to migrate all his websites. But, migrating hundreds of sites was an enormous manual effort, and he shared the difficulty with us. That’s how Truepush quickly came up to provide Duplicate Projects feature as a solution.

customer review for Truepush notifications
Marco Ponce, Head of Optimization at LeadsMarket says about Truepush.

What is project duplication?

Project duplication is the ability to copy and replicate settings from one project to another with a single click. This automation feature can now be used only from the Truepush dashboard as no other platform renders this feature. It helps the user to save time & efforts by importing crucial elements such as icon upload, writing a new welcome notification, Optin Style, RSS-to-Push, segments, templates, and triggers whenever a new website project is added.

Screenshot of Project duplication using Truepush
Duplication feature window as seen from the Truepush dashboard

The Duplicate projects feature helped Marco as it allowed him to add more websites with similar characteristics. He was once a customer of OneSignal, which started charging for its services. Using Truepush push notifications platform, LeadsMarket has improved its online engagement for users. 

Duplicate projects feature helped Marco in making easy decisions as it allowed him to move from OneSignal to Truepush with so much ease. Truepush unified dashboards made it easy for him to manage these websites by providing features like single sign-on, project sorting, and of course, advanced features like Project duplication. 

Today he has close to 100 websites and sends rich notifications. Marco has been a great support ever since he is using Truepush for his push notifications need. 

About Truepush

Truepush is world’s No.1 free Push Notification platform. We are so glad to announce our RSS-to-Push and Audience Segmentation features are now updated to give you best in the world engaging experience. 

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