Meesho does not only give its users an income source but gives them an identity” – Utkrishta Kumar, Vice President & GM at Meesho.

About the speaker

Utkrisht Kumar, Senior Leadership Professional with expertise in scaling technology-driven supply chain, international business expansion, and many more. He is now the Vice President & GM – Business at Meesho, One of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies in India.

About Meesho

Meesho is India’s largest reseller app that has lakhs of people joining the network. There is no limit on how much you can earn. If you are looking for the best earn money apps for android then Meesho is your top-notch app on the list.

“Meesho is all about building micro-entrepreneurs in India and the product-market fit comes from homemakers in tier-2 tier-3 cities. And the earning that she makes while operating on Meesho is the true product-market fit (PMF). As Meesho has scaled massively over the last few years we have seen many other personas succeeding such as college students, small boutique owners, and also a small fraction of men.”

The journey…

“I’ve been at Meesho for close to 2 years and it has been the most fulfilling thought of my career. I have had close to a decade of experience in commerce but nothing can match the fulfillment I have gotten during my journey at Meesho.”

According to stats, 90% of businesses would be using social media by 2020 and a digital consumer spends on an average 2 hours 15 minutes on social media every day

How social media helps Meesho?

“The social media platforms are where the demand discovery happens, Facebook and Google are super aggregators out there so they operate multi-sided markets with users, suppliers, and advertisers. Facebook and Instagram seem to be better for the push.”

WhatsApp has been the main hub for Resellers!

How WhatsApp is winning over other platforms.

“WhatsApp has a massive reach, for our resellers, WhatsApp continues to be the most engaging platform. Though they use Facebook and Instagram to reach out, WhatsApp is winning hands down. WhatsApp numbers are just getting higher and stronger. ” End of the day everything depends on the reseller’s decision.”

How does Meesho work?

“There is no integration or anything as such, it is very easy for the reseller to go and start sharing and selling on the platform. Our click-to-action button on the app is not a cart but a share. It helps you share on all possible social and chat media.”

A message to the budding entrepreneurs

“To all the entrepreneurs out there, there are new problems coming up due to this pandemic situation. Think about these new problems and build the right products around them.

This is how Meesho is giving a source of income, identity, and courage to all the women out there to be independent and empowered. Not only women, but it is also helping a lot of other small businesses and resellers expand their business.

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