Tune in for a rendezvous with Rahul Chauhan, Director of Selling & Partnerships at Partoo.

An Insight to Partoo: Your guide to getting found online

Partoo is an SEO optimizer and an all-in-one tool to manage all your online directories, reviews, and websites, including online maps. It is a one-stop solution that makes changes and updates your online details quickly as flash by providing a single dashboard to manage the entirety of your online presence. Used in more than 30 countries in 5 different languages improving online visibility and always staying one step closer to its customers across the globe. Listen to our Game of Growth podcast to know more details.

“Engaging with customers on every level through every single chance of communication”Rahul Chauhan, Director of Selling & Partnerships at Partoo.

Rahul Chauhan is an International sales and start-up expert and a distinguished market researcher. Focused on staying connected to the customer throughout the journey, diligently working towards creating a sophisticated tool to always be updated in the local SEO marketplace. A prominent personality in the field of Start-up expansion and Business Development. A specialist when it comes to building partnerships and evaluating marketing strategies.

A sneak peek into the ways Partoo is helping the world to be a better place.

The conversation kicked off strongly after Rahul enlightened us about the challenges the companies had to face earlier on in their marketing campaigns and strategies. As the company strives in helping businesses get found, an optimized local SEO is a key to having a greater impact. The director of selling and partnerships shares some crucial parameters that would spike the interests of those starting up local SEO and how identifying the need to keep the customers updated at all times gave rise to Partoo. The discussion further dips into the in and outs of key strategies and principles companies need to follow for a consolidated online presence.

The biggest challenge in making your name online.

“In the early days of Partoo, we were recognized as SMBs like many other businesses around the globe. The basic challenge that we face today is to improve digital engagement with a limited budget, skills, and also the local understanding of how exactly local SEO works in the online business marketplace.”

“Creating a brand based on the Reviews, Ratings and Peer Trust is what helped us expand so quickly and brought value to our clients as well”

“The first step forward of managing your information online in different publishers and online directories is super important. If we talk about India, we are close to around 20Mn Apple users and yet hardly any business wants to improve their online presence on Apple Maps or Siri, for instance. In this case, businesses are missing out on the positive aspects that can be harnessed from these channels like Apple. It’s very logical to focus on the basics of online marketing before going out and building up a fancy website.

Importance of Partnerships

“Partnership is a key part of our strategy. This is one of the reasons how we validate the international markets we try to get into, so we normally go on working with a lot of different yellow pages; so we have quite a few partners in the A-packed region, in addition to having the entire team working with the SMB’s on different services which indirectly helps in improving the online presence; and being on major channels like Google my Business, helps to scale up our technology. 

This also paves the way for educating and training businesses around the globe while staying connected and updated with the latest strategies and improvements.     

Streaming single information from different publishers and directories

“It’s a nightmare for small businesses and even for large retailers like supermarkets where they want to manage and improve their online presence. It gets very difficult for a customer to find relevant information which is spread around multiple websites. Publishers across the globe should take care of these steps before owning the business based on their information on all the online platforms. If they are not saved or relevant, it can create an illusion and confusion in customers’ minds. So this is exactly what we are trying to solve for the businesses where they can manage the road and modify one single sole information across the web as One voice to your customers.

Prioritizing customer 

“I strongly feel that digital transformation and customer experience isn’t just only about tools and technology, it’s more about profound change concerning organizational and business mindset. 

We need to put our customers in the center of everything that we are doing today and give them the functionality of creating whatever and whenever they want. Alongside making them feel that they are the only customer.

Holding the reputation

As the conversation reached its peak, it covered how important it is for companies these days to maintain and enhance their reputation. Rahul explains that a bad review on your website or directories can impact the business vastly. Always staying connected with your customers and keeping them updated with every move will improve the customer experience. Responding to your customer’s complaints or queries with each chance you get and make your online presence a seamless experience can help build and grow your reputation.

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