Tune in for a captivating conversation with Vivek Goel, Vice President – Marketing & Evangelism at Quixy.

Quixy: Helping you build your own solutions.  

Quixy is a cloud-based, visual digital transformation platform that allows users to build enterprise-grade applications. Users have simply simple drag and drop tools to build their platform in a hassle-free, no-code environment. The company strives forward with the vision of helping businesses to build their own solutions. This will reduce the professional’s need that saves time and enhances efficiency and productivity.

“Bringing power to the business users to solve their own problems” – Vivek Goel, Vice President – Marketing & Evangelism at Quixy

Vivek Goel is a distinguished leader with proliferating experience in strategy and operations from some of the biggest names in the IT industry, in addition to expertise in marketing & business development, HR, and various fields of the business world. He has a vision of making businesses self-sufficient and helping them solve their own problems, without the need of experts and professionals, and redefining the way applications are built. 

A quick rundown of Quixy Podcast with Truepush

The Quixy podcast conversation started with Vivek helping us understand the current phase of digital transformation, and how that transition is affecting the lives of individuals and businesses. He went on to spiral his thoughts on how the digital transformation was always in the plan and making but never at the right place. He blames the fact that there was no such urgency for the shift before, but now, after the world had witnessed the devastating pandemic, the time for the shift was obvious and this was the right time to strike. Quixy helps business users create their own applications at their own pace to be more productive and efficient in their work cycles. 

 Vivek further navigates his thoughts on the future of digital transformation and helps us understand the concept of a no-code user interface. 

Digital transformation a permanent thing?

Vivek shares some fascinating insights on how digital transformation is the product of the current state of urgency presiding in the world. “The focus was always there, but there was no urgency”. According to Vivek, businesses won’t completely shift back to the traditional methods but rather go back a few steps once the world has returned to the phase which we knew before as “normal”. Any event has the pros and cons to balance out the structure and this situation is no different. Digital transformation has helped save time by eliminating the commute and using that time more productively. This platform is forecasted to grow with increasing focus and tweaks along the way due to the increasing needs of digital solutions everywhere.

Low-Code v/s No-Code

During this illuminating podcast, Vivek helps clear the skies by helping the listeners distinguish between low-code and no-code user interfaces. He explains the evolution of the application interface, which kept growing through the years to make it easier for developers to create applications in the battle for doing things quicker. Low-code happens to be the continuation of that concept in a minimalistic way with various user-friendly tools. Whereas No-code is the advanced version of that, where the business users can build their own applications and solutions with easy-to-use drag and drop tools. This makes the process far more coherent and increases self-dependency.

No-Code justified?

“As the world closes in for the transition to the next generation, many believe no-code isn’t capable of more complex applications and builds. But that is not the case, says Vivek.

He believes that no-code was preliminarily naive but now due to technological improvements and more hours of hard work. The team at Quixy solved this problem by giving tools to build bigger and more complex apps. Gone are the days when businesses or individuals had ideas but never could implement them due to insufficient funds or lack of experience, everybody is a maker now. No-code makes that easier and helps in staying flexible as we are living in an unpredictable environment. Now in the business world, it’s no longer the ‘big beating the small’ but the ‘fast beating the slow’.

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