Get inspired by a marvelous conversation with Pankaj Belwariar, National Head at Prabhat Khabar.

“ Adaptability is the core essence of this ever-changing world ”

Pankaj Belwariar- National Head at Prabhat Khabar
Pankaj Belwariar, National Head at Prabhat Khabar

Pankaj Belwariar is a self-motivated and goal-oriented individual, with a staggering experience of more than 35 years in the media publishing industry. With a passion for sales, a proficient vice president in sales with a demonstrated history of working in the media publications industry. He is applauded for his prowess and dexterity in Marketing Management, Budgeting, Business Planning, Advertising, and Strategic Planning. 

Prabhat Khabar: Eastern India’s preferred Hindi Newspaper.

Prabhat Khabar is a famous Hindi-based newspaper mainly found in the households of eastern Indians since 1984, published by the Neutral Publishing House. Created by a former member of the Indian National Congress Party “Gyan Prakash”, this newspaper was known as the people’s voice and soul, creating content without compromising quality and traditional values and ethics of journalism. 

A quick peek into an eloquent conversation.

The conversation started with Pankaj sharing his thoughts on how one can be strong during these tough times, by addressing what had happened and what was done to fill the gaps and make the business whole once again. His concerns clearly pointed out the care for his employees and how he managed to bring the best out of them even in times of no business. 

Happiness according to Pankaj is not when you receive your salary but when your business is successful. He explained the importance of developing skills and how difficult it is to keep the employees busy at times like these.

Pankaj later streamlined his thoughts on adapting to the situations by changing our mindset from a fixed one to a growth one, staying motivated and positive at all times.

Being relevant and dreaming big.

Pankaj says the whole media publications business process is changing very fast, you can’t expect your team to do the same things they did 5 years ago, repeat the strategy and expect the same result. Getting new people with a new skill set is not a relevant solution, what we can do instead is to develop the skill sets of the existing people according to the changing environment and make them future-ready. This world is a person and an internet-driven market and AI happens to be the tip of the iceberg, which is being used to observe and capture the behavior of a customer.

Pankaj feels dreaming big is part of a successful business journey, and failures are always around the corner, but what companies need to do is celebrate their success and learn from their failures and always be brave to face and ensure that the failure is never repeated.

“Media – not just a product delivering medium, but a source of connecting with the audience”

Pankaj shared his words of wisdom, like every other great personality. He parted this conversation by saying “Don’t chase money, let the money chase you”. When we become a strong professional with a strong skill set with our style of working, the money will chase you. 

These thoughts always make our journey and soul a little better each time. Make sure to catch them all in our sublime podcasts.

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