All ears to the podcast with MilkBasket! India’s first and largest micro-delivery service fulfilling daily grocery & household needs of customers every morning.

About MilkBasket

MilkBasket was launched back in 2015, which is India’s first and largest daily micro-delivery service. As the name itself explains- the need to get the Milk delivered to our homes before 7 AM. This unique idea gave rise to MilkBasket.

To enable frequent and frictionless buying, Milkbasket has innovated Flexi ordering and contactless delivery. Both initiatives are first in the eCommerce industry – and favorites of MilkBasket consumers.

About the Speaker

Anurag Jain has had a roller coaster ride after completing Civil Engineering fromNIT- Kurukshetra. While he took admission in the post-graduation, he received a call from the Indian Army, with an opportunity to serveforces for five years. Little did Anurag know, there was another journey awaiting him. Later, hemet Anant Goel, another Co-founder, and CEO at MilkBasket. Anant introduced Anurag to the unknown concept of grocery delivery,MilkBasket. Which is now serving a millionconsumers on a daily basis.  

The gist of the MilkBasket Podcast

Anurag explains, how the strong team behind MilkBasket, pioneered the first contactless delivery service in India. In this concept, the delivery boy leaves the grocery items before 7 am at your doorstep. And moreover, the order can be done even as late as midnight. 

“The elite services helped me to understand how to manage people and resources even in the most challenging situation”, – Anurag Jain, Co-founder at MilkBasket.

It was difficult initially to adapt the process with unprecedented times of COVID-19. However, with proper precautions and a safeguardingprocess, MilkBasket has been able to serve its loyal customers in hard times. The pandemic has boosted contactless delivery, said Anurag. 

As the new normal started to grow among the consumers, new marketing campaigns were implemented. One of the campaigns includes a special service for senior citizens who find it difficult to get their daily groceries.

Customer satisfaction with more than 20 touchpoints in a month helps to build customer loyalty, says Anurag. MilkBasket has always steered forward with the customer-centric approach and where loyalty is an incredible asset. 

Tune in to the show to uncover the complete discussion on Google, Spotify, iTunes. 

About the Host

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