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“There’s so much untapped demand and latent talent pool in the outreach and engagement space, which fuels SquadStack’s growth”- Saswata Shankar De, Business lead at SquadStack.

About SquadStack Lead Outreach & Engagement Platform

SquadStack is a lead outreach and engagement platform, which empowers brands with quality conversions using workflow automation and Artificial Intelligence. SquadStack is a part of SquadStack,  a San Francisco and New Delhi-based startup. With the vision to create the ultimate sales acceleration stack for businesses across the globe.

Saswata Shankar Dey,current Executive & business lead at SquadStack joined us on ‘Game of Growth’, powered by Truepush. Here’s a sneak peek into the insightful discussion. Stay Tuned! 

The gist of the discussion

The discussion starts with how SquadStack empowers high ticket consumers to convert every sign-up into revenue. “Industries like real estate, education, financial products, etc have high volumes of leads coming in but at the same time faces more churn rates”, states Saswata. 

SquadStack bridges the gap between leads and customers through an omnichannel platform. We employ workflow automation with technologies like artificial intelligence and more.

Saswata further explains how the sales model of a brand fluctuates between expanding and consolidation, hence, giving more scope for outsourced outreach services which increases the sales curve and at the same time saves hefty dollars spent on the company-specific sales model. Focusing on the benefits of the efficient lead gen system, Saswata states, “Enabling brands to pay to depend on the usage of sales services” is another lending help to grow in the symbiotic business systems.  

SquadStack provides a seamless delivery experience by integrating directly with the customer funnel, thus, channeling leads from across different platforms using an automated platform and finally converting them using well-trained expert agents. 

As the discussion moves forward, Saswata explains how not only the work from home model steered further because of the pandemic, but SquadStack was already building its efficient remote working system across different time zones. 

When asked about the future plans of SquadStack, the three things that fall on the road map includes  

  • Key leadership hiring to build brand footprints,
  • To build a global network, and
  • Innovating on the right tech products and taking them to customers.

Tune in to the Google, Spotify, and Apple podcast for a detailed discussion. 

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