As digital marketers, we always try to up our game to reach more website visitors. It can be about reaching the right audience segments, improving ROI and engaging users. The solution for all these can be targeted marketing. It has become a key strategy in every digital marketing campaign and push notifications marketing is not an exception.

Marketers can exhibit what users expect from them using targeted push notifications. With the best push notification software, you can easily drive targeted campaigns and keep user engagement steady and sharp.

What are Targeted Push Notifications?

As users, we never check the generic notifications on desktop or mobile devices and mostly consider them spammy. It can be because of the lack of interest in the brand, not personalized, irrelevant and timing.

Targeted push notifications are effective to connect with the right audiences and engage them. It is a way of sending push notifications to a specific segment of your website subscribers. Targeted campaigns can be attained with precise segmentation in your push notifications, which is simple with our free push notification service.

Web Push Notifications-Benefits of Targeted Campaigns

Thinking of why to use targeted push notifications? Here is the list of benefits of using a targeted marketing strategy in push notifications

  • Provide a high level of personalization
  • Know more about your website visitors
  • Connect with specific audiences
  • Improves brand awareness and stands out
  • Streamline the efforts and resources
  • High ROI (Return of Investment)

What is Segmentation for Web Push Notifications?

Segmentation is a process of diving broad customers into subgroups based on shared characteristics. It can include customer interests, regions, behaviour on websites and others. You need to analyze the raw data flowing on your website and draw insights that can increase your conversions and ROI. This helps you to take the products or services to the customers according to their interests.

How Does Segmentation Work in Push Notifications?

Let’s check out the different types of segmentation groups for push notifications.

Demographic Segmentation:

Demographic segmentation in push marketing refers to dividing customers based on variables such as browser, platform, Operating System and more. With Truepush, best push notification software you can segment audiences depending on all these variables in the Truepush dashboard.

For example, a website needs to inform about an upgrade only for Chrome browser users. The website can segment the audiences as per the browser and send push notifications to the subscribers. So, you can save yourself from sending the wrong information to other browser users.

Behavioural Segmentation:

You can segment the audiences according to the user behaviour on the website. You can consider the variables like subscription date, last visited date to the website, subscription hour of the day or day of the week. 

Think you want to retarget subscribers who haven’t visited your website for quite a while. Now, with our free push service, you can segment the audience for the variable last visited date and push notifications.

Geotargeting Segmentation:

This is a fundamental and most effective type of segmentation where you can divide the users based on the region. It helps you to target the right audiences according to country, state and city.

This type of segmentation is very useful to localize your push notifications. For instance, your website has subscribers from all over the world. In this case, sending news or updates to a particular region is a common situation. For this, you can segment the audiences based on their geo-location and target specific users.

How to Implement Targeted Campaigns with Truepush

Implementing targeted push notifications is simple with the Truepush push notifications service. You can create multiple segments and choose the right push template and target specific audiences.

Here are the simple steps to segment your push subscribers in the Truepush dashboard.

  • Login to your Truepush account with credentials.
  • Now, choose your project and tap on segments in the Truepush menu.
  • Now, tap on create a new segment on the display and provide the necessary details.
  • Choose the variables, conditions and values you want to divide the subscribers and create the segments.

Now, you can choose the desired segments while creating targeted campaigns and send push notifications to the subscribers.

A/B Test Your Targeted Campaigns

The market changes regularly and we can’t rely on one method and expect outcomes. We need to test the push campaigns and find out what works for the moment and market. For this A/B test your targeted push notifications consistently on multiple elements like images, content, timing and more. Analyze the results and optimize your targeted campaigns.


Where generic notifications can annoy your users and decrease CTR but on the other hand use targeted campaigns to reach the right audience. Send push notifications that are relevant to their interests and behaviour. Among all the marketing channels, push notifications are the best channel to implement targeted marketing to get high outputs. Invest your efforts and time in targeted campaigns to maintain and enhance your relationship with customers.