Push Marketing takes products directly to the customer and shortens the time between a customer discovering the product and buying it. This is an extremely versatile form of advertising which can be effectively implemented for old products and new products in both traditional and digital marketing methods. Basically, push marketing aims to create more visibility or brand awareness.

Push Marketing & Push Notifications Marketing

Advertising has always been around including push marketing. For instance, the vendors at a state fair calling out for your attention. Yes, of course, that is push marketing in its most basic form as the vendors made you aware of their products. Or that person on the street handing you flyers – that’s another example of push marketing.

Push Marketing

It is defined as a strategic marketing method that allows businesses to take their products directly to their potential customers. The thought behind push marketing is simple – lessen the time for the product information to reach the customer and create an immediate impact. Push marketing is absolutely essential for new product launches to increase the chances of success.

Push Notifications Marketing

Today in the digital world, where the internet rules, push marketing has grown more than ever. And with technological advances, push marketing has a new avatar in the digital advertising domain – the Push Notification. 

Do you see the pop-ups on your mobile phones that announce product launches, news, etc.? That is push notification and it is the future of digital advertising.

How long has push notification been around? Well, some say that the Blackberry was the first device to send a push notification which was basically an alert sent on the screen announcing a new email in the inbox. Today, push notifications have become very sophisticated and are used in various scenarios. 

Push Notification technology comprises main three parts the Push Notification Service Provider, App Publisher, and The Client App. Every mobile platform has a push notification service that developers can use for delivering push notifications to their customers. The push notification providers allow the app publisher to send alerts to the client app. Thus, a push notification provider offers a platform to create push marketing notification campaigns for a business. 

The Future of Advertising-Push Notification Marketing

Push Notification Marketing builds on the principles of push marketing to create a new digital media advertising channel. It is becoming an increasingly popular channel with marketers due to its high engagement and conversion rate.  

Push Notifications – Alternate Digital Marketing Channel

SMSs are pretty much on the way out. People today hardly use SMS to communicate and therefore, most of the messages remain unread. 

The same holds true for email marketing. Although, emails are still effective, marketing through them has fallen short in recent years. Marketers are finding it increasingly difficult to reach customers through emails due to protection features built-in web-based and proprietary email software. However, unlike SMS, emails have a higher chance to be opened and read, but there is no guarantee when that will occur.

Push Notifications have been successful to increase traffic to a website. Where other methods such as social media marketing may not prove to be very successful, push notifications seem to generate a higher conversion rate. For instance, websites or services that are very niche can benefit immensely from push notification marketing. 

Truepush – Push Notifications Service Provider

Push Notification Service providers, as mentioned before, play a key role in push marketing campaigns.  Truepush facilitates companies to send push messages to the customer’s mobile devices or computers directly. Truepush provides accurate push notification metrics to businesses so that they can analyze push campaign performance in real time. Push notification service providers are an asset for push notification marketing as they are essential to use and gauge the effectiveness of push notification marketing campaigns.

Advantages of Push Notifications

Push Notification marketing solves several problems with digital advertising channels with ease. 

A pop-up that lights up your mobile screen gets attention. Push Notifications can be customized and are the best way to reach out to customers with product and service information. 

It is estimated that 43% of iOS users and about 91% of Android users opt for push notifications through the apps installed on their mobiles. Receiving push notifications through mobile applications allows businesses to engage with their customers and retain them. Mobile app developers, for instance, can send push notifications for new features to the users who have installed the App.

In addition, Push Notifications have the following advantages: 

Large Reach

According to statistics, there are 5 billion internet users at present, which is about 63% of the world population. All channels have the potential to reach the users, except push marketing is the simplest and most effective way to do so. It has the highest deliverability rate compared to other digital channels.

Real-Time Alerts

One of the biggest advantages of push notifications is that they provide real-time alerts. Therefore, apps can provide push notifications to users that add value, such as alerts on upcoming events, travel plans, meetings and more.


Push Notifications offer flexible solutions that can contain deep links and rich text or media to catch the attention of the customers. For instance, push notifications can contain links to update the app. Or, you can push notifications with a deep link to a newly released products page. 

Targeted Audience

Users do not have to enter a lot of personal information to receive push notifications. This works advantageously in favour of push notifications as they gain a targeted audience much faster. For instance, a business can send push notifications based on the geographical location of the user. 


One of the biggest advantages of Push Notifications is that they have a bigger cost advantage than other marketing channels. At times they are free push services available and there is no cap on the number of notifications a company can send out.


Push notification marketing is the future of advertising. Marketers expect this channel will turn as the weapon of choice as they jostle for market share. Push notifications offer great opportunities to engage users, retain customers, and build relationships, trust and loyalty. Therefore, it is up to the advertising teams to design campaigns that are effective and make full use of the enormous potential of push notification marketing.

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