Push notifications evolved as the most profitable customer engagement tool in modern marketing. Website owners or publishers can send engaging messages to the users and get them more loyal to the brand. Digital marketers love push notifications as they can reach directly to the user devices like a flash on the screen which is hard to overlook. But you may risk annoying users if not done right. Marketers should follow the best practices of push notifications to get better results from this communication channel. In this article, let us see some of the interesting push notifications statistics 2022 observed.

12 Surprising Push Notification Stats

Higher Converting Tool

A recent survey says that more than 70% of website visitors value push messages and accept opt-in for the service. If this figure goes high in the coming years, push notification marketing will impact your business growth and revenue.

Anyway, this is not surprising as push notifications opt-in never ask for user personal information or many steps unlike other communication channels like emails. Visitors should simply click on the “Allow” button of unintrusive opt-in prompts on the website.

High Click-Through Rate

According to the recent survey by the Truepush push notifications tool, the average click-through rate (CTR) of web push notification campaigns is 12%. But this has increased to 15% when websites implemented automation using RSS to feed and trigger features. By using rich media in the push messages like images and emojis it can be increased other 3%. We have observed that push notifications with personalized messages reach open and click rates of up to 30%.

Usage of emojis in the push message

Usage of emojis in push notifications increases open rate by 85% and conversion by 9%. It is also observed that usage of emojis in push messages during the past years has increased by 163%.

The usage of emojis in the web push message attracts users and adds value to your content. Adding significant emoji in the notification creates a positive impact and covey your emotion to the subscribers.

Cart Abandonment Facts

The eCommerce industry has cart abandonments at an alarming rate of 88% which impacts the website profits. Cart abandonment push notifications have a click rate of 16% which is higher than emails and increase your conversions.

Online stores can not overlook the cart abandonments and are easy to convert as the users are interested in your products and brand. Truepush Shopify plugin sends cart abandon push notifications automatically to customers and reminds them to come back and make a purchase.

Customer Retention Rate

Push notifications can increase website or app retention rates by 93% outweighing the emails marketing strategies. Websites should have their customers hanging for them and not turn towards the competitors.

The push messages reach directly to the user’s devices and with high click and view rates, you can decrease customer defection. Implementing personalization in these techniques can give better results.

One or Two Way Opt-in

The recent survey with our clients says that websites prefer two-way opt-in prompts 2 times the one-way opt-in. Double opt-in makes sure that users are interested to hear updates and offers from your websites or brands.

Moreover, you can also overcome the notifications block issue in the Chrome and Firefox browsers using two-way opt-in prompts.

Timings & Frequency of Push Notifications

Pushing notifications in the odd times annoys users from receiving continuous alerts from the brand. This may eventually lead to an increase in subscription churn rate and brand trust. Website owners should push messages in optimized timing and frequency to get the benefits of a push notification service.

The timing and frequency to send push notifications vary for every industry like news & media, education, job portals, eCommerce, and more. Truepush has analyzed some of their clients industry-wise in terms of message content, frequency, and timings. You can check and download the e-book for optimized push notifications timings and frequency.

When do Audiences like to receive push notifications?

Users can get easily irritated with your push notifications. So, you should know about when people like to receive notifications. A recent study has given the outcomes as below.

  • 38% of people like to receive push notifications during the morning time.
  • 15% of subscribers check push alerts from websites while traveling to work.
  • 21% of users prefer to receive push messages during working hours.
  • After work is a great time as you can see 37% of users check notifications.
  • During the weekends, you can see 38% of subscribers check push notifications.

CTA Buttons (Include Landing Pages)

The essential job of web push notifications is to take the users to the landing page and convert them to loyal customers or visitors. So, you can’t ignore including CTA buttons in your push notifications messages.

Also, the push alerts with CTA buttons deliver 40%-60% better results than regular push notifications. Ensure that you send your subscribers to the relevant pages as per the push message.

Rich Push Notifications

The rich push notifications can be defined as push messages that have images, links to the web pages, or apps. With our analysis over study on 43 billion push notifications, we have observed there is an increase of 9% in the open rate of push notifications with rich media. At the Truepush web push notification tool, you can add high-quality banner images, project icons, CTA buttons, tags, and more.

ROI and Traffic

Push notifications generate the highest return of interest (ROI) for business and website traffic. Using push notifications for your website or app can increase ROI by 2200% and daily traffic up to 25%.

Subscription in Android and iOS

The Android devices outrun the iOS devices in click rate and subscription rate for web push notifications. We have observed 91.1% of push notification acceptance in Android and 43.9% in iOS.

This is because the privacy settings in iOS devices don’t accept push notifications from every website. Whereas, Android devices display notifications from every subscribed website.

To Sum Up

Push notifications are surely an effective way to interact with your customers. If you implement the right strategies you end up with great results. A good push message that values users’ privacy and chooses the right time to interrupt motivates users to click, view, and make conversions. Along with this check your push notification performance metrics regularly to optimize push campaigns. The above list of push notification stats gives you a reason why you should use push notifications for your websites. For an effective push notifications provider, signup with us today!