Equip yourself with AI by a thrilling conversation with Dr.Kavitha Chetana Didugu, Data Scientist at HCL.

“Don’t be deterred by how much you need to study but be motivated by how exciting the journey is going to be” – Dr.Kavitha Chetana Didugu

Dr.Kavitha Chetana Didugu is an AI Expert and is presently working in HCL as a Senior Data scientist. She has expertise in the domains : Revenue Management (airlines and air cargo), Supply Chain Management, B2B Software Product Management, Digital Marketing (Marketing Analytics). A skilled Data Scientist and Product Manager, leveraging the synergies between the two fields.

A Quick Glimpse.

As the conversation started, Kavitha shared her learnings as an industry expert in the field of Artificial Intelligence which is widely known as AI. According to her, all it takes to become a data scientist is to be comfortable with number crunching and having a good understanding of Theoretical Maths with a mix of basic data analytical skills. She believes that this is not a difficult domain to break into, with the enthusiasm for the journey anyone can partake in this sphere.

As the conversation continued, Kavitha shared some of her personal thoughts on the amazing advancements made in the field of AI and machine learning. Kavitha shares that in a world of machinery, the most intriguing and yet to be mastered feat, is understanding the language itself, trying to crack deeper into the language, because understanding is not just translating words but the ideas. The evolution of AI has changed the world and lives across the globe. Even in the toughest and the most uncertain times, AI has found ways to help humans stay on track. One of the fundamentals of AI is forecasting, which is constantlydeveloping by adding more commands & programs for making more stable predictions.

“Tools should be a means to an end, and should not be an end in itself”

As we dive deeper into the conversation, we can find more thoughts on Conversational AI and its relevance in the modern and present world. It is safe to say we are observing improvementsconstantly, but AI can’t completely replace human interactions. As said by Kavitha, there are times where AI has proven to be not so useful. AI can only take it a certain distance, that’s when human efforts kick in and save the day. But adding to its weight, AI requires some computing time and processing time which can make experience not so great. 

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“Before zeroing on your solution, know what your problem exactly is”

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