Truepush WordPress Plugin Integration

These are the steps to do integration with WordPress plugin with Truepush notifications.

Here is the link to the WordPress plugin page for Truepush

Firstly login to your WordPress site using your username or email address and password.

Then go into the plugins page and download and activate the Truepush notifications plugin.

Third go to the new tab that is added on the left side menu that say “Truepush push” and read the instructions given there.

Fourth sign up or login to your Truepush account and do the needful.

Fifth when you are creating project in Truepush and select “WordPress” option.

Note: For existing users there is no option to change this, to get the option you will need to create a new project.

Note: The change between the normal integration and the WordPress integration is we have removed the welcome notification toggle here and it will be present in the settings of your Truepush plugin in WordPress.

Sixth don’t do the code integration step instead go to the settings page in Truepush and copy the “API Token” and “APP ID” from that page.

Seventh go back to the WordPress page and select “Configuration” and paste the “API Token” and “APP ID” in there respective tabs.

Eighth toggle the “Welcome notification” toggle if you want to send a welcome notification after your user subscribers and write your welcome message.

Note: This is optional, you can skip this step if you don’t want a welcome message.

Ninth toggle the send notifications when new post updated to send automated notifications to your users and click on “save”.

Finally after which you will see the opt-in that you selected from our Truepush website on the website pages.

Note: To change the opt-in setting go here

And that is it you have successfully integrated Truepush to your WordPress website.

Additional Information

To add featured images into the push notifications toggle the button under “Sent Notifications”