Recall your morning and let me know if you haven’t checked your digital devices for notifications, social media platforms or emails.

Digital media has become an integral part of our everyday life. We check our screens for the latest updates, trending news, sales & discounts and more. These days we all search for solutions or answers for everything on the internet. And to serve this need, businesses are taking their products or service to the users through digital marketing. For this reason, online marketing has gained supremacy over traditional marketing in recent times.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital presence has become mandatory consideration to gain awareness among users. In simple words, promoting a business using the internet in any form is known as digital marketing. The marketing channels can be in the form of emails, social media, content, online advertisements, videos, and images. With many options around businesses can not rely on one option and have to explore their options.

Though digital marketing is simple to explain it has many activities around it to achieve considerable results. For this, you need to have a perfect digital marketing strategy to promote your business.

Why Digital Marketing is Important for Business?

The goal of any marketing is to nudge users to buy your products or service. But with digital marketing, you can target more specific or niche audiences, unlike traditional marketing. It is an easy and effective way to tell consumers about your business and how it is a solution for them. You can also know more about your users to target and their views to update your product or service.

You can monitor every marketing campaign and track the results with digital marketing. Regularly trace the ROI, and conversion rate and optimize the campaigns accordingly to drive better results. Also, digital marketing is trending and easy to adopt in this digital era.

For example, you have launched a physical store recently. After a few months of effort, you will be known in the surrounding areas. But it would help if you gained popularity among competitors to get more customers. It is where digital marketing comes into play and helps you to enhance your digital presence. You can use social media platforms, search engines, push marketing, content marketing, and email marketing to achieve this.

Types of Digital Marketing to Promote Business

There are many ways to interact with users through digital marketing. You can not rely on one strategy as few of them are interlinked. So, you can only get a complete advantage when they collaborate. Here is a list of types of digital marketing that help to promote your business.

Search Engine Marketing

Creating engaging content to reach users is a vain attempt when lost on search engine pages. You need to improve the positions in search engines which will increase the website visibility and awareness and leads to business growth. 

Here you can use search engine marketing to drive website traffic through paid services and stand on top of search results. This strategy works well with new or established small and large-scale businesses. You can use paid ads services like Google Ads, and Bing Ads to purchase the spaces in SERPs. Websites can carry out paid ads on Facebook and Instagram platforms. Here are a few tips to increase website traffic and conversions with Ads.

Keywords play a crucial role in this digital marketing strategy. Choose the right keyword for your business and bid for positions in the search results. Below are examples of paid ads results in search engines.

SEO Digital Marketing

In the aforementioned type, we have seen paid ads. Now, let’s know about organic searches which is SEO digital marketing.

When you type a query in search engines like Google or Bing you see many results on the page apart from the paid ads at the top. But how do search engines filter among thousands of websites and bring you up with the results? Well, for this there are many factors that search engines consider before showing us the relevant results. The important elements among them are

  • Content quality
  • Relevancy to the query
  • Link exchanges
  • User experience
  • Keywords

Optimize your content with relevant keywords, images, links, and headings without compromising the quality of your writing. Add keywords that your targeted audiences use to ask a query in search engines. Always make effort to write seo friendly content and increase your visibility in search engines. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about promoting content to generate leads and sales. It can generate 3X leads, and 6X website traffic compared to other outbound marketing strategies. The content can be in any form like blogs, infographics, social media posts, videos, podcasts, etc.

Creating quality content is great but you need to have a perfect content marketing strategy to make it reach the right audiences. Along with improving sales, this strategy builds brand reputation, awareness and credibility. Content marketing, SEO and SEM need to work parallelly to achieve better results. Remember content is the core of any digital marketing strategy.

Push Notification Marketing

Push notifications marketing is the practice of sending marketing push messages to users on desktop and mobile. These are quite different and effective than in-app messages as you can reach users even when they are not on websites. Push notifications are opt-in marketing so you will only have a list of potential subscribers.

Here is an example of a push notification

You can push notifications about discounts & offers, app updates, new launches of products or services, transactional notifications and more. For better results personalize, schedule, and segment users before sending your push campaign. Check push notification best practices and optimize your campaigns for better results.

Users can get complete promotion details with one glance, unlike emails or text messages. The CTA buttons on the push notifications will redirect users to the specific page that decreases customer journey. There are many factors like notification preview, images, action buttons, etc that make them different from other notifications. You can segment users, plan automated notifications, user interactions, RSS feed and more. 

The integration of a push notification provider into the website is a hassle-free process with Truepush. We have simple code integration for websites and plugin for WordPress websites. You can send unlimited push notifications to subscribers with access to all advanced features for free.

Social Media Marketing

With billions of active users on social media platforms, focusing on SMM is rewarding. It helps in driving new traffic, engage users and brand awareness. The popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Each platform receives different genres of users. So, choose the platform according to your targeted users and make sure not to leave out others. 

For example, Facebook and Instagram are the best choices for entertainers, and eCommerce websites. Whereas to find new leads LinkedIn is the best option as this platform receives professional users prominently. You can also run paid ads on these platforms to gain more followers and visibility.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of digital marketing where you can earn revenue by promoting other businesses. You can use mediums like websites, blogs, content marketing, social media, influencers, and paid ads to promote business. 

The revenue share works in either CPC or CPA model. If you are an affiliate, you get a commission when a user makes a purchase because of your promotion. This online marketing is beneficial for merchants and affiliates when a purchase is made. But this takes a significant time for the affiliates to make their recognition and get users. However, this strategy has high potential and can be profitable marketing in the future years. It is the best option for many freelancers who can write content using best SEO practices.

Online Advertising

This type of digital marketing is being used since the start of digital marketing. You can see display ads like banner ads, native ads, sponsor ads, short videos, and infographics that promote a product or service. You can perform online advertising on websites that are of the same niche industry. 

We can use digital marketing services like Google AdSense to publish these ads on other websites. You can optimize these ads based on keywords, geolocation, web page positions, targeted users and more.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful and oldest digital marketing strategy that is adapted and suitable for every niche industry. According to recent stats, 319.6 billion emails are sent per day and this number is going to increase. There are various types of emails like promotional emails, survey emails, lead-generating emails and more. Check them and consider which type is beneficial and suits your requirements.

Write engaging content and subject lines for your emails that attain attraction of the readers, and build trust and reliability towards the brand. Prepare your email newsletter with images, and CTA buttons to redirect your users. 


As you have seen, digital marketing is crucial to promote business in the present world. You need to keep your brand out there to reach bigger audiences and grow your business. It may be tough during the initial stages of choosing the strategy, planning and implementation. But when you become familiar with them it’s an easy process. It shows great results and a lot of potential to expand your business.