A user has to perform any of the following to have unsubscribed push notifications from your website.By deleting the Cookie data manually from his browser settings:Deleting cookie data manually can differ from one browser to another. One need to delete cookies manually from respective browser settings

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In an event of cookie deletion, the user gets automatically unsubscribed and thus may have to visit the website again to re-subscribe to receive browser push notifications.Using an application that scans, and deletes cookie and cache data for system maintenance: There are a bunch of software options which aid cookie deletion. This software helps the PC to rejuvenate by deleting unwanted files, browser history, and browser cookies. Thereby, unsubscribing the user to receive push notifications from various websites.

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User blocking push notifications from your websiteUser sometimes may get annoyed with your inapprpiate push messages and block your notifications. So, websites have to follow push notification best practices to engage users with interactie, relevant and timely notifications.

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