Videos are an important part of any marketing strategy because of their engaging nature. It's no surprise that 96% of marketers consider them to be an integral part of their marketing strategy. 

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And guess what?

Consumers have a favorable view of videos, too. 89% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a video. This indicates that videos can directly have an impact on your bottom line. 

But here’s the thing—you need to get your video marketing right to have any impact on your audience. 

So, how do you edit videos to boost video marketing ROI?

Let’s find out. 

8 Video Editing Strategies to Boost Video Marketing ROI

Video marketing works, sure. But how do you ensure that your video marketing efforts drive improved ROI for your business? 

Here’s how to edit your videos to give them the desired reach. Let’s look at a few strategies you can use to make your video marketing more impactful. 

  1. Get the Intro Right

The average video viewing duration is relatively short, at just 1 minute and 31 seconds

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This underscores the importance of packing the correct information into the first few seconds of the video. 

When a viewer opens your video, you need to hook their attention to it so they continue watching it until you get to the meat of your video. And that’s why the most crucial video editing strategy is to get your intros right. 

A catchy intro can hold your viewers' attention, which could make all the difference as they’ll be exposed to more information about your product or service and may be pushed toward a purchase decision. 

On the other hand, poor intros may lead to viewers bouncing away from your video, which could lower your ROI. Worse still, they might end up watching a competitor’s video.

A good intro also increases your average video viewing time, which can help your video rank better on platforms like YouTube, helping you attract more viewers. Utilizing a skilled Video Editor is vital in achieving this, as they bring the expertise and creativity needed to craft an intro that captivates from the start.

2. Make it Interactive

Yet another way video editing strategy through which you can improve your video marketing ROI is to make the content interactive. 

Interactive videos can generate more engagement, further driving your reach and ROI. 

How can you edit videos to make them more interactive?

The key is to add certain interactive elements to them. 

For instance, like Instagram Stories, you could build a poll and add it to your video. Even though your viewers might not be able to click on the survey, you can encourage them to comment on their choice. 

As the engagements on your video grow, your content will be seen as attractive by the platform on which you’ve published it. This, in turn, will help boost the video reach, leading to more targeted viewers. Many of these viewers could end up buying from you.

The key here is to edit your video such that the interactive element gets highlighted. You can increase your engagement by placing it more prominently in the video. 

3. Repurpose Your Video Content

One of the other essential video editing strategies you can implement to drive your video marketing ROI is repurposing your video content for various platforms. 

For instance, let’s say you’ve shot and created a long-form video for YouTube. This video will likely be in landscape mode. 

By leveraging video analytics, you can determine which parts of this video click well with your viewers. 

You can cut and use these parts of your video to create short videos. All you need to do is use a tool to merge videos and create a short-form video that can be published as an Instagram Reel, YouTube Short, or TikTok. 

There’s more to it, though. 

You would also need to edit the videos to ensure they appear catchy, even in the portrait format popular among shorter videos. You would have to crop the video to keep all the essential elements within the view. 

And guess what?

Video repurposing works both ways. You could pick up any short explainer video you’ve created and turn it into a detailed long-form video that delves into the topic. All you have to do is shoot the new bits and merge them with the existing video.

For instance, note how Dollar Shave Club has the same video published as a landscape video and a YouTube Short. 

Repurpose of Video Content

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Here’s the same video as a YouTube Short. Note how it’s been cropped well enough that all the main characters in the video still appear in the Short. 

Video Marketing ROI

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4. Distribute Videos Well

While video distribution isn’t directly related to video editing, it’s much needed to increase your video marketing ROI. 

You may have created great videos for marketing your business. But if you don’t distribute them well, they won’t grab enough attention to drive sales for your business. 

That’s why it’s essential to distribute them to the right platforms. 

You can start by uploading videos to platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Social media platforms can give you ample opportunities to reach your audience. 

Additionally, you can publish different types of videos by editing them in the form of Reels, long-form YouTube videos, and more. 

But you shouldn’t restrict yourself to just social media platforms. You should also leverage your website to drive more excellent video views. 

For instance, you can embed Instagram Reels on your website. Similarly, you could embed YouTube and Facebook videos to get more views.

What’s more?

Also, consider push notifications to drive more views to your videos. By sending push notifications when you release a video, you can drive traffic to your website and boost video views. 

5. Add Catchy CTAs

Yet another video editing strategy that can help you drive your video marketing ROI is adding calls-to-action (CTAs) at the right spots. 

Incorporating CTAs into your videos can prompt viewers to take your desired action, i.e., purchase. 

The CTA you use can be either a spoken one, or you could consider adding it visually through video editing. The key is to make the CTA attractive so that viewers notice it. Also, it’s crucial to make it attractive enough for your viewers to take the desired action. 

For instance, you could provide a viewer-only deal that can nudge the viewers to take action. You can even tease this deal right at the start of the video to hold their attention. Win-win, right?

Note how these videos have chapters that guide viewers through the entire video.

Add Catchy CTAs

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6. Use Chapters

When viewers go looking for information, they would want to find answers to their questions. While short videos are to the point and help viewers in a few seconds, this isn’t the case with longer ones. 

It can be frustrating to skim through the entire video to discover the few relevant seconds. 

That’s where chapters come in handy. 

If you’ve created a long-form video, you should consider adding chapters. Think of them as subheadings in a blog post—they give context to a particular section of your video. 

All you have to do is list these chapters for your viewers so they can skip to them to get answers to their questions. If you upload the video to YouTube, you can add these chapters so they appear in the video progress bar. 

Chapters added to YouTube videos also appear in the SERPs and give viewers more context about your video. They also help boost your video SEO.

7. Highlight Your Products/Services

While you’re going about creating your videos, it’s essential to incorporate your products or services at the right spots through video editing. 

It would help if you positioned them such that the audience understands that these products or services will solve the problems that they’re facing. 

Additionally, it’s essential to highlight them so that the viewers are nudged to take action to purchase them. 

A great way of achieving this through video editing is to include verbal and written prompts. You can pair these up with shoppable video features offered by platforms like Instagram to drive sales. You could also use third-party marketing tools to promote your videos on social media. You can read the Attrock curated list to review and choose the best tool for Facebook and other social media platforms.

8. Incorporate Storytelling

One of the other video editing strategies that you should leverage to boost your marketing ROI is storytelling. 

It would help if you considered creating a script that tells a story through your video. It enables your viewers to connect with your brand and products, improving the chances of driving sales. 

While a script helps you plan the story you intend to tell, you must use video editing to structure your account well. This helps ensure that it’s said coherently and straightforwardly. 

A good idea is to create a storyboard while editing your video to ensure that there are no hiccups in the editing process.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how you can use video editing to drive your video marketing ROI, it’s time to get down to creating your videos. 

Start by shooting high-quality footage and then incorporate the above video editing best practices. Finally, measure your ROI regularly to see which strategies are working and accordingly tweak your approach. 

All the best!


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