TruepushTalks presents a webinar on “Leveraging the use of Push Notifications in Ed-tech space”. Joined by Anwesha Bose, Co-founder, Aglasem as she shares everything from the journey of building the Agalsem (India’s largest Ed-tech platform) from scratch to customer retention/ engagement strategies to now. Listen to what she has to say about free unlimited push notifications tool Truepush and the team driving it:)

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About Aglasem-

Aglasem is an Indian Ed-tech company that specializes in education-related services and products. They have been doing exceptionally well in their domain and has got some significant growth ever since its inception in the past 10 years.

Aglasem integrated Truepush in February 2020 and has gained close to 2 million active subscribers with an average of 20k subscribers a day. They are one of our active user’s and have always believed re-targeting/ user re-engagement as a crucial key for business growth.

Active subscriber stats
Active subscriber stats

Aglasem uses audience segmentation feature from Truepush to segment its audience on the basis of various parameters i.e. based on location, device, page visits, platform etc. to send targeted push notifications. This feature is helping Aglasem to send specific push notifications, by understanding the user’s behaviour/ interests. The results hence pouring in with high CTRs and conversion.

This platform also believes that the push notification text/ image also plays a major role in convincing the users to view/ click the notification. Aglasem has implemented various strategies on sending the best browser push notifications to acquire maximum click-throughs. Watch the webinar as Anwesha discusses their push notification strategy!

Anand, Co-founder, Aglasem; in an Interview with Truepush quotes that This free forever push notifications tool has helped them in gaining organic traffic, improve page ranking and deliver push notifications to its users at the right time.

Anad- Co-Founder at aglasem

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TruepushTalks is a webinar series hosted by Truepush. We present you the webinars with Industry leaders that cover Industry trends, technology and strategies to power their customer re-engagement.

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