Teja Aditya Surabhi, Founding member- Spoyl

“It’s now just about acquiring a new customer base, but delight your customers. So, have empathy, listen to your customers and they will take you forward” – Teja Aditya Surabhi, Founding member- Spoyl

The gist of the discussion

Episode 8 brings you the conversation with Teja Aditya, a founding member of Spoyl. Spoyl is India’s leading fashion-led eCommerce destination.

Spoyl was started to provide a platform for buyers and sellers in the apparel industry by focusing on influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is at a peak from the past recent years and has gained a lot of traction in business growth. With more customized options, trending styles provided for the fashion world by renowned influencers results in more sales and conversions.

When asked about what acquisition strategy does Spoyl implement, Teja explains, ” Word of mouth helped a lot in reaching and creating a brand repertoire, which was possible by the influencer campaigns. We got the best traction from Instagram. Referral system also helped us in getting further reach, while social media campaigns helped in acquiring more influencers.” 

Can you share with us an example of influencer marketing programs that are launched by Spoyl?

“Our entire growth models were based on influencers. Instagram helped us extensively, and ur second best channel is YouTube. We wanted our transactions to go up, the number of orders to increase, we wanted our monthly and daily active users to increase. I will be breaking it into two parts. One is to increase our daily active users, and for this ‘content is the king’. Close to 40% of our influencers created content on a daily basis. This would increase our number of daily sessions, daily active users, DA, and most importantly, the time spent on the app is going to increase.

The other aspect is how you can use influencers and key opinion leaders to influence somebody’s purchasing behavior. We launched a label with Kritika Khurana, Karan Wahi, Santoshi Shetty. The average order value reaches a maximum of Rs. 500 and chances of making profits are very less with your operational cost, technology cost, and other resources. We came up with our own labels where we controlled manufacturing, pricing, and quality, and with the help of these influencers, our AOV increased to Rs. 830″, explained Teja. 

The discussion goes on various strategies, channels, and growth marketing methods to drive this successful brand.

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