Android push notifications are the crisp and simple messages sent to the users by the app creators to interact, alert and update the app related information to the users. 

These notifications can display messages to the users outside the application and help the creators in bringing them back to the app, thus increasing customer retention for a particular app. They create an interactive model of communication between the brand and its users. 

Personalization is considered an essential aspect of the business, and finding the right approach to reach the audience is very crucial. In this blog, we will discuss 4 important ways of using android notifications to boost business conversions.

Converting the users to potential subscribers and buyers is the only motto of every marketer and knowing what kind of notifications is to be sent at what time and to which audience is essential. As the opt-in rate for the android push notifications is higher than other platforms, they can be used to trigger conversions and increase click-through rates.

If you are up with the list of subscribers, then you must also understand what kind of audience would like to receive what kind of messages. An in-depth analysis of the audience and their preferences will help in boosting the conversions. 

Let us understand 4 essential strategies to maximize the impact of android push notification and increase conversions.

1.Broadcast Messaging 

Based on our research and analysis, Broadcast messaging has shown considerable 15-20% increase in click-through rates in the media and publishing industry. But it has to be used very cautiously as it may also increase the opt-out rate for the app. The user may find it annoying and can decide to terminate it permanently.

Broadcast is more suitable for media, publishing and time-sensitive pushes which requires the daily updates and alerts to the users. For industries like e-commerce, content or promotional apps broadcasting notifications can give negative results.

Broadcast a few of the notifications daily to all the users. Be specific and provide rich information to the users but not the promotional content. 

Always follow the “Few but Quality push”  approach to broadcast the message. Target the Right audience and their interests in designing message campaigns.

Example: Broadcasting daily news updates and alerts about Breaking News in the media industry is the best example of using Broadcasting

2.Targeted Broadcast 

“More Targeted, More Better”

Targeted Broadcasting is the more specific approach for sending android notifications to the particular subsets of audiences. The creators have to be more thoughtful in analyzing the kind of messages to be sent to a specific subset of audiences.

Segmentation plays a significant role to create similar subsets of users based on their interests and preferences.

 “Relevancy is the Key “

Send relevant notifications to the users which add value to them.

“More Relevant, More Engagement”

If the user is a cricket enthusiast, send him updates relevant to cricket and sports, which will add more value to his reading preference.

Similarly, if the user is more into travel and exploring places sending the sports-related updates can annoy him.

Segment the campaigns based on the user’s taste and history. The more targeted approach can increase user engagement and uplift the conversions by almost 15%.

Example: Sending the political updates to the political newsreaders and the best deals and offers to the users based on their related searches on the e-commerce apps.

3.Personalized Pushes

According to market experts,” Personalization is the essential aspect of business”.

Sending the same and repeated notifications to all users can increase the opt-out rates for the apps. Use tailor-made announcement process to analyze the needs of the users and push accordingly.

Personalization will create a more interactive relationship between the brand and its users.

Customize the notifications based on the user’s history and interest. It will help in re-engagement. 

Personalized notifications are very suitable for e-commerce applications where the brand can follow the walkthrough interest of users and send them notifications related to their taste. 

Suppose a user walkthrough variety of electronics products on the e-commerce app then customize the notification campaign according to his interests and send him deals and offers related to electronic goods. This will encourage the user to click on the site and lead to the purchase of products and convert him into a potential customer for the app.

Example: Abandoned carts by the users are the best example for the personalized push. They are encouraging users to buy products of their choice by sending best deals on abandoned carts.

4. Auto – triggers 

Auto- triggers are the notifications which are based on the individual’s behaviour on the applications. They are the most relevant, customized and personalized notifications which are triggered on the user’s screens while using the app for enhancing their experience.

They help in bringing back the users to the app and increase the click-through rates. They re-engage the users in a more personalized way by analyzing their behaviour and sending the triggers automatically based on the observations.

Triggers are also the actionable notifications which create a sense of urgency in users and incites them to make a purchase. 

Auto-triggers can include notifications about the urgent updates of apps, version and newly added features. For e-commerce applications, auto-triggers sends the notifications of deals and offers.

Example: Reminders of products on e-commerce apps which users have left after visiting.

Auto- triggered notifications on the gaming apps for new updates for the users.


90% of the average mobile user’s time is spent on various apps. This makes it easy for the android push notifications to reach every individual’s screens. But using the right ways to boost conversions highly depends on the kind of messaging campaigns we design for the variety of users by considering the differences in their preferences and then segmenting them into similar categories.

Understanding your audience is an essential aspect to boost the conversion rate and increase the click-through rates for the applications. Sending relevant, timely and specific notifications will give tremendous results to the application creators.

Android push notifications is a prerequisite for achieving organizational goals and marketing strategies. Using it in the right way will help in increased user -engagement, retention and conversions.

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