Safety is always a concern while using free tools. Most people feel less comfortable while using free services unless provided with full information without any hidden conditions applied. Here’s why Truepush service is a free and safe push notification platform to use with no hidden clauses. 

Truepush, a platform for online customer engagement  

Launched in January 2019 with a team of five, Truepush is a free-forever Push Notifications company for both web and mobile. From trending on the ProductHunt as the “Product of the day” to acquiring 150% of MoM growth, Truepush has received tremendous applause for its remarkable success. The product is highly used by brands for online customer engagement. 

Sent Notifications in Truepush

Truepush is doing exceptionally well ever since the product launch and reached 17 billion+ push notifications within a year of the journey while other established platforms took 3-4 years. Thank you to all the 30,000+ customers who believe in Truepush products and their authenticity.

Truepush is the top push notification service offering re-engagement products for all the websites with the best service and features.

While Truepush is always free for its customers, all the other competitors in the market like Pushcrew, VOW, Wonderpush, iZOOTO, PushEngage, etc. are paid. However, OneSignal charges after reaching an individual subscriber count, and this makes it difficult for the users to manage the tool with increased expenditure after reaching the threshold for free subscribers count.

Why Client’s Protection & Privacy Is Important at Truepush 

Truepush holds no hidden agenda that could be harmful to any of the client’s data retention. This browser notification tool is a forever-free platform and holds pride in providing such a tool. However, a similar platform such as Wonderpush is claiming that Truepush is not GDPR compliant and free push notifications can put a user’s privacy at stake, without understanding the product and its terms and conditions.

Truepush platform users are well aware of why Truepush is free and are well informed while on-boarding and over chats, emails, and other mediums (when data-related questions are being asked). Truepush follows a stringent policy on data and its protection (devised by the legal professional team), and in any situation, it does not bypass the policy.

This free web push notification service makes use of cookies, which contain the unique IDs generated for a website visitor. This individual ID is used to gather information regarding user behavior such as the number of visits to a particular website at a gross level and to customize the user experience further. There is no use of sensitive data while building a data retention plan that could harm a visitor. Also, users can encrypt the data if they want to.

Notifications cannot reach users without using cookie data. At some stage, every company needs to collect cookies for building advanced tools like quick delivery, behavioral targeting, etcetera. 

For example, Google Chrome, Google Analytics, Adobe Colors, including many others, are free platforms and may involve the direct/indirect use of cookies to understand user behavior. For additional information, read the privacy policy & terms here for Google Chrome, Google Analytics, and Adobe Colors. It helps to build a more reliable route map for targeted digital marketing. Websites can use this cookie data to assess user behavior and, in turn, provide better advertisement options. 

To sum up, Truepush Push Notifications would be free-forever. However, at a point, Truepush will use the cookie data by building a customer data/insight platform on top of existing tools as Google does with its cookies in search and use cookie data to target ads on user browsers without compromising their identity.

About Truepush

Truepush is the world’s most affordable Push Notification platform. We are so glad to announce the monetization plan for websites to make additional revenue.

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