How Digital Badi makes use of Truepush as shared in an interview with Bairapaga John, founder- Digital Badi.  

1. What is Digital Badi? What was your intention for starting it?

What is Digital Badi?

Digital Badi is an initiative to provide essential skills related to the rapidly growing digital field, to varied audiences and specifically concentrating on providing training in vernacular language (Telugu) to build a skilled generation specifically targeting urban, suburban, and rural areas where there is a gap in educational resources and medium of communication.

Digital Badi infographic
Digital Badi

Intention for starting it

I have been learning digital marketing since 2016. Online customer engagement is crucial with your audience from across different channels. 

I started a YouTube channel called “Digital John” (Telugu) in 2017 to learn YouTube marketing practically. I used to publish digital marketing videos in the Telugu language during which I understood that there is a need for good digital marketing online training in Telugu speaking states and started providing the resources and training myself.

2. What is the unique problem are you trying to solve?

Currently, internet users are increasing from tier-2 cities and rural areas across the country. Mostly, these users are non-English speaking internet users. Google states that less than 1% of internet content is in vernacular languages in India, hence we provide Digital marketing training for people who are keen to learn and develop their skills for employment and skill development in the Telugu language.

3. How the number of website visitor tracking matter to you?

Currently, our website visitors are very less because of the awareness about digital marketing.

Every relevant website visitor matters to us to interact and reach them again. Website visitor tracking is easier when we use Truepush. We can monitor various metrics like CTRs, open rates, etc, which all reflect back to your site traffic. 

4. What are the different ways of growth or marketing channels you’re trying to get more visitors on the website?

70% of traffic comes from Social Media channels, majorly from YouTube and Facebook. We are exploring new marketing channels like sharechat, helo app, get vokal (question and answer app for non-English users) now. We recently understood the importance of push notifications and using it now.

5. How are push notifications important to reach that growth? Any thoughts on lead conversion?

Push notifications are getting more engagement when we compared with our email marketing metrics. Push notifications are important for us to get the website visitors again (re-engage) by sending notification campaigns. Currently, our push notification campaigns have around 40% view rate and 8% click rate. It also helps us to reach the right users who opted to receive notifications from us. This way our lead conversion becomes much easier.  

click through rate statistics of Digital Badi
Click through rate for Digital Badi as seen from Truepush dashboard

6. How do you plan your push notifications? Any specific strategies/goals you’ve planned around it and why?

We have a content distribution plan, in which we send a push notification campaign whenever we publish a new article on our blog. Currently using RSS-to-push features to send push notification campaigns automatically from my blog.

RSS-TO-PUSH feature in use by Digital Badi
Digital Badi make use of RSS-TO-PUSH feature from Truepush

This feature reducedmytime and I can tell that I automated my push notifications for my blog now.

7. How is Truepush helping you achieve these goals?

Truepush is helping us to reach and re-engage with our website visitors. Our campaigns have more than 97% delivery rate now. It is also helping us to segment the users based on the geographic location, the browser they use, etc., This helps to target specifically.

Digital Badi subscribers browser wise by using Truepush Notifications
Browser wise subscribers of Digital Badi using Truepush Notifications

8. Any particular feature you like in specific and why?

As I said, I like RSS to push feature (Automation) very much specifically. Why because I need to go to the Truepush dashboard to send a campaign when I publish a new blog post. It will take care of the campaign.

9. Any feature you want in the future that can help you and why?

I am expecting the workflow automation feature in Truepush which can automate the entire flow based on the user behavior and actions taken on the website.

10. Any feature you want to remove and feel is not so good?

Don’t remove any of the features.

11. Any feedback for the product and for the Truepush team?

Truepush product is amazing. I highly recommend for those who want to reach and re-engage their website visitors. Truepush chat support is commendable.

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