Marketing funnels are the customer’s route map from initial stages to conversion and beyond. It is an upside-down pyramid that depicts how a person finally comes under the Brand’s radar and converts into a potential buyer.

Earlier, the marketing funnel was based on the AIDA model, created by E. St. Elmo Lewis on the 19th. Century. Though there are some additions to the existing AIDA model, the core value remains the same, i.e., studying the pattern of a User’s journey. 

AIDA model comprises of following stages 

  1. Awareness-  Is the consumer aware of the problems and its existing solutions
  2. Interest- The consumer shows his interest in various brands and their products/services.
  3. Desire- The prospect now evaluates which Brand to choose over others.
  4. Actions- The final stage is resulting in the end purchase. 
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The journey of the consumers is defined from the Cognitive(Awareness) and Affective(Interest & Desire) stage to a Behavioral(Action) stage. Sounds so easy, huh? To make it look so easy, tons of marketing strategies are built-up and tested, and build-up emphasized for a considerable amount of time to finally be implemented. The word funnel here indicates a narrowing of many inputs ( high influx of consumers) into the filtered outputs (the user base). Technically, the contraction of the pyramid is the increase in Churn rate or moving of a consumer out of the marketing funnel. 

How marketing funnel benefits your Brand? 

Marketing funnels make it easier for you to track the current stage of a prospect and his decision process for the next step to yield the best result. This further helps in the better online engagement of your customers. 

Also, the marketing funnel by using web push notifications provides the benefit of Quantifiability. It makes it easier for companies to understand the exact location of their weaker sections. For instance, if the consumers are leaving just before reaching the Purchasing stage, indicating the Desire stage in the model is not meeting the demands of the consumers. You know where to emphasize your work.

One quick question you might have is what’s the fastest and best-optimized resource for lead conversion? Here you go! Push Notification helps you quickly convert your site leads into paying customers. Now, before understanding how web push notifications help in your marketing funnel, let’s understand, what types of funnels exist? 

Three core funnels used by marketers today

1. Tripwire

a. Build a lead conversion plan by offering them a reasonable offer and upsell them once they are in the sales funnel.

2. Webinar

a. Comprise an informative video session integrated with expert selling tactics.

3. High-ticket sales funnel

a. Establish high-quality leads conversion strategy through your premium products and move them quickly through the sale.

Now you must be thinking, what does Push Notification have to do with Marketing Funnels?

  • Customer Acquisition 
  • Re-engagement & Customer Retention
  • Conversion
  • Retargeting;

All these functionalities are achieved by using this user engagement tool Web Push Notifications in different stages of the AIDA model. And further, helps in optimizing the funnel. Optimizing meaning is to set the right push notification strategy in order to yield the best results, i.e., more conversion. 

These key factors reduce the friction between different stages of the model and make it easier for the prospect to dive deeper into the market funnel. 

Role of Push Notifications

1.Customer Acquisition 

Companies are spending a considerable sum of money to acquire customers. It’s not an easy task to do in a second. Time, money, and resources are being consumed to gain a strong user base. Who would have thought that a single click on the web push notifications would convert their hard work into SMART work? 

Remember, sending push notifications isn’t the only solution here. Your Product needs to be updated and worked on continuously to notify the users about the same.

Your other marketing platforms need to be highly refined, as this is the significant and crucial source of your visitors. You must and should use highly recommended social platforms, as indicated by the following statistics.


  • 43% of businesses have acquired clients through Facebook. 
  • 91.3% of Facebook users follow brands. 


  • More than 50% of the LinkedIn social traffic is driven towards B2B sites. 
  • 80% of the leads come from LinkedIn, according to B2B marketers. 


  • 75% of Instagrammers are prompted to take action after being inspired by a post such as visiting, searching, and shopping on a website. 
  • 90% of the top 100 brands in the world have an Instagram account.

As the chances of visitors coming from social platforms are high, Using an opt-in feature through notifications on your website can be leveraged effectively to retain those potential prospects coming from social platforms. 

2. Re-engagement & Customer Retention

Once the consumers are engaged on the website through different marketing mediums, re-engaging them and giving them reasons to stay with the Brand is the next task to be accomplished. Re-engaging & Retention is not a one-step process, but a continuous one to have a better conversion rate. Below are a few, easy to go parameters to make the push notification work efficiently by re-engaging the valuable customers.

Sending Rich Notifications

Notification should be relevant to make a customer relate his requirements with the Product or service. An excellent quality notification would help a long way to make a good impression of the Brand. Include offers, freebies, and personalized messages. 

Call-to-action button

Include a call to action button. As simple as that. Unless it is not converting, there is a need to work on the notifications. The call to action button prompts a user to take some action, be it any purchase, referring to his/her friends, sign-ups, subscriptions, etc. 

Segmentize your customers

Sending out a push would only be fruitful if it is sent to the correct targeted user base. Demographics play an important role here. It’s now easier to segment your customers by using Truepush. Learn how to segment your customers here.

Focussing on the content

One important factor that always goes parallel with the Brand’s journey is the visible content spread across various marketing mediums. SEO-friendly content boosts engagement with the user. If the content is not able to deliver what the Product is capable of, then the Product will not reach the end-users with full potential. Hence, all the efforts were in vain!

Include micro-blogging, case studies, and backlinks for the online content.

One thing to consider is that, as your push notification plan keeps growing and conversions start coming in, you will have to focus on cookie data retention in accord with the GDPR policies.

3. Lead Conversion

All the consumers have now chosen to go ahead with the products and services. It’s a good sign that the company’s marketing mediums are paving the way for the customers to the final model, i.e., Purchasing stage. Converting from the consumers to the valuable customers is a sign that the user has traveled various stages, as explained in the AIDA model. Including a user-friendly landing and sale page upsells the Brand. Users can easily access the landing and sale page easily through Web Push Notifications, and thus, requires a minimum effort.

“Average conversion rates for most e-commerce websites are typically low—usually around 1–2 percent—due to the high commitment level needed from the visitor.”- Tim Ash 

This high commitment, which Tim is referring to here, can be another aspect as to how a consumer views the Product from the starting of the Awareness stage of the marketing funnel. Conversion rates can be increased significantly if the follow-up stages are made easy using web push notifications, a valuable tool every marketer should use.

4. Retargeting 

The work is not done yet. Conversion is not the ultimate stage a user has to reach for a brand to count its success. Retargeting the customers is a high need now! If the customers leave after making a purchase and never come back, then it’s a loss to the Brand rather than gain. How do you do that? 

Send them a highly customized push notification, personalized message, and keep them updated about what’s coming up next by using Truepush Notifications. Maintain the lifetime value by retargeting your customers now! And complete your conversion funnel.

Note-Advertising the products on those websites, your competitors are using and studying your competitor’s entire funnel would surely help you to define a used and trusted path for the funnel. However, experimenting with the funnel on your own is needed for an optimized funnel structure.

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