In the present digital era, web push notifications are a trending marketing strategy that helps businesses in engaging, retain and gain more conversions. Using some of the best push notification strategies is recommended to make the most out of this engaging tool. Before we go into this let’s know the basics.

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are crispy messages from websites that pop up on the user’s mobile devices or desktops. These push messages enable and assist users in engaging and knowing more about the website or app. Web push notifications can help your brand stay on top of the user’s mind and increase sales. But you can gain all these benefits when push notifications are used well. 

Websites can use browser push notifications to encourage users to perform several desired actions. Because of their easy-to-use nature and effectiveness, they have become handy for every industry in engaging users. 

16 Best Push Notification Strategies to Implement

Track Push Campaign Performance:

You need to keep track of performance for any marketing strategy. These insights can help you in optimizing the strategy and perform better. Truepush dashboard helps you in accomplishing this. You can check the push notification statistics like

  • Push messages click-through rate
  • Total number of subscribers
  • Push notification delivery and view rate
  • Campaign start date and time
  • Filter push campaigns for more insights

Provide Value to Your Subscribers:

Remember, users who opt-in to your website push notification service believe that you send brand-relevant and useful updates. So, you have to ensure that every web push notification has some information that is valuable for the push subscriber. For instance, push messages like exclusive offers, app or website updates, transactional notifications, etc.

Analyze how your customers are responding to your web push notifications in terms of engagement or conversions. Once you learn about your subscribers’ behaviour, you can send push messages that can boost your conversion rate.

Perfect Planning:

Perfect planning streamlines your web push notification strategy. This pre-planning helps you to have a clear mind about push marketing strategy and helps in performing well. Of course, sometimes you will have unexpected situations where you need to change your plans to grab the opportunity. Be prepared and create push notification strategy.

Plan Push Notifications Content:

Push messages are short messages that have a limited character length of 20 for the title and 60 for the description. The content gets truncated on users’ screens after crossing this character limit. So, write push notification samples simple and short that convey your message to the user.

Prepare a content calendar for your push messages according to upcoming updates and sales seasons. Don’t forget to check the push notifications content before sending it to the users. Here are a few tips to write a perfect push notification sample to drive users and take meaningful actions.

Create FOMO:

Creating FOMO among the users is a trick to grab their user attention. Add flash sales, limited time offers in your push notifications. Be creative and thoughtful to make your web push notifications worth the interruption. This will also increase your brand recognition when users can get more or save using your push notifications.

For example, a user clicks and makes a conversion on receiving a coupon code valid for a limited time period. This FOMO technique is effective in all types of industries.

Personalization is Key:

Personalization is key in the web push notification strategy to deliver value to the subscribers. And with our free web push notification service, you can target audiences easily and send relevant push notifications. For this, segment audiences on their demographics like location, and prior interaction data like subscription date, browser, last visited date, etc. You can also ask for user preferences when they visit the website/app to send push notifications.

Personalized push notifications generate more results because of their relevance. So, make sure your push messages have a personal touch, even if it’s about a simple app update. 

Push Notifications Timing:

Sending push notifications at the wrong time is a big NO. It annoys your users and also makes them opt out. So, send push messages at the right hours to get more attention. This push notification timing differs for every industry depending upon user behaviour.

For example, a news website can see high CTR in the morning and evening. Whereas the eCommerce store has high clicks on afternoons and late evenings. We have analyzed push campaigns sent to different industries and have outlined perfect push notifications timing.


The location of push notifications is important to target the right customers. It makes your notifications more clear and more effective for the users. For example, you can’t push notifications about an offer in the USA to everyone in your subscribers’ list from different countries. So, you can segment the audiences in accordance with country & state and send web push notifications.

Go Beyond Re-engagement:

Push notifications are not just about re-engagement. It plays a significant role in improving your customer experience, brand reputation and building user loyalty. So, don’t push general messages that are used in emails, text messages or social media.

Push notifications perform well when users receive updates or information with relevant content. Try to experiment with different push messages to find suitable ones for your audiences. Also, optimize the push notification strategies regularly according to the trend.

Include High-Quality Media:

The human eyes react more to the visuals than the content. Include rich media like images, emojis, and brand logos in your push notifications. Also, ensure that your media is device friendly as your users receive notifications on desktops, mobiles, tablets and others. If they can’t see these images there is no point in adding media to your push copy.

With Truepush push notification service, you can check the supported formats, image ratio, size and pixels in the push campaign creation dashboard. You can also preview the push message on different devices before scheduling.

Use Clear CTA’s:

Yes, using clear CTA(call to action) buttons is important in push notifications. It encourages users to take favourable action and boosts engagement. Try to keep the content of CTA buttons actionable and short like “Read Now”, “Buy Now”, Get OFF”, “subscribe now” and more. Here are tried and proven best practices for using CTA buttons in push notifications. 

Use Advanced Push Features:

Technology is changing to reach users more effectively and you need to take advantage of this. You can try using advanced features like triggers, automation, RSS feed, intelligent segmentation, etc. These can decrease your efforts and improves engagement with the users. With our free push service, you can get access to all these advanced features.

Use Deep Linking:

Deep linking in push notifications sends users directly to a specific page. It decreases the customer journey by reaching the desired page instead of wandering on the home page. Providing deep links makes it easy for the users to view desired content and take action. This also boosts user engagement, conversions, website visits and retention rates.

Push Notifications A/B Testing:

You need to be unique to gain users’ attention in this competitive digital world. To find the best option you need to experiment with every element of the push message and optimize it to match user preferences. Know how to perform push notifications A/B testing and check what works better for you.

Optimize Sending Frequency:

Pushing too many notifications in one day is not a good practice. It can affect your brand image and also increase the opt-out rate. The optimal frequency of push notifications may differ for every industry. A news or entertainment website can send many notifications per day to update users. But consider the audience preferences so you can send relevant notifications. On the other hand, two to five is the recommended number of push notifications for eCommerce websites.

Provide Control to Customers:

Provide control to the users over what type of notifications they receive. This is a great way to gain your customer’s trust. With this, you can also know their preferences and update the push notification strategy.


Always remember no single rule fits all. So, keep on experimenting with your push campaigns and strategies to boost conversions and engagement. Try different types of content, timings, keywords, styles, etc, and continue with the strategy that resonates well with your audiences. Also, what worked today may not work tomorrow. So, keep updated with audiences’ preferences and optimize the strategies.

Check our free push notification service, Truepush where you can send unlimited push notifications to your subscribers. You can access advanced features like intelligent segmentation, triggers, automation, RSS to push, and dashboard. As an effective push notification service can