Generating leads or increasing sales for your website, an effective and powerful marketing tool we have is– Web Push Notifications.

Brands connecting with their customers observe a rise in conversion and website success rates. These are a great way to communicate, engage and connect with your users. The stats say 51% of users opt-in for website push notification services and find them handy to know more about products or services. So, every niche industry website is interested in integrating push services. The website push notification strategies are simple to implement and cost-effective.

Are you aware of how to use push messages to encourage users to make a conversion? You can not receive all benefits of push notifications without implementing them strategically. Continue reading for 10 ways to use push notifications.

10 Ways To Use Push Notifications

Avoid Default Opt-in

All your efforts in creating perfect campaigns are worthless if the visitor does not enable push notifications. The average opt-in rate of 45% makes it critical to persuade visitors.

You can build a user relationship using the opt-in content and make them tap on the “Allow” button. Try to avoid default permission request styles to stand unique. Make sure to gain the visitors’ trust that you will send relevant updates and content. The timing of the opt-in request is also essential to avoid users choosing to disable notifications.

For example, you can pop the opt-in request after a time interval so the users can check your website. eCommerce websites can ask permission requests during checkout or wishlist products. So, the users will value the notifications to know updates on shipping or offers. We recommend enhancing permission request styles regularly and finding ways to increase web push notifications opt-in rate.

Exclusive Promotions

Send exclusive promotions or content to your opt-in users. It makes them feel unique and makes a meaningful action. With this, you can make a positive first impression that makes all the difference.

For example, eCommerce websites can provide a 10% discount and content websites with free PDF downloads or a subscription discount. This practice represents the gesture of thankfulness for the opt-in.

Personalized Push Notifications

Instead of generic, send tailored or personalized push notifications to delight your users. It shows the user you are listening to their needs and increases engagement. According to the study, 70% of users interact with personalized notifications and show interest in that brand. It boosts user engagement, retention, brand loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing.

For example, you can place a cookie in the user’s browser to understand the search behaviour. Plan push marketing campaigns according to their interest and searches that grab the user’s attention.

Appreciate User Efforts

Appreciating user efforts will make them feel valued, and increases customer loyalty and conversion rates. Content or eCommerce websites can plan referral or rewards push campaigns for login or referring a friend. Gaming websites can send push notifications with greetings or bonus points on completing a game level. It will impact users positively and keeps them engaged for the following levels.

For instance, many online retailers send referral program notifications to users. This practice will bring new visitors and raise conversions from existing customers. 

Notify New Content & Updates

Keep your audiences in the loop using web push notifications. Update them about new brand collections, the latest content, offers and discounts. It will keep your users connected with the brand and remain in their thoughts. Content websites can use RSS to push features to send automated push notifications to the readers. And eCommerce websites can send about product restocking, price alerts, brand launches, etc.

There is a chance you can annoy users when you send campaigns on finished sales. To avoid this, you can schedule and set up campaign expiry while creating the push campaign.

Retention Push Notifications

Retention rate is an important factor for the success of any niche industry website. Web push notifications are a powerful tool to retain users when you send relevant & tailored content. Research your users’ behaviour and active timing to create a push campaign encouraging users to return to the website.

You can send welcome push messages and reminders to retain users. Have an eye on push notification content and frequency. Explore the working push notification strategies to improve your website retention rate before planning the campaign.

Encourage Users to Complete Actions

Motivate your users to complete actions in apps or websites using push messages. Abandoned checkouts are the main challenge for eCommerce websites, and push messages are a way out.

You can send personalized push notifications like price drops on the cart, wishlist restocking, and reminders about the sale days. Customize notifications timing, frequency and content depending on user behaviour. You can segment users to target the right audience and have maximum reach and conversions.

A/B Test Push Notifications

A/B testing push notifications will give insights to enhance your push campaigns. You can test every element of the push messages content, timing, frequency, images, CTA buttons and more. With effective push notification services like Truepush, you can check push campaigns’ in real-time analytics.

Use Push Notifications Sensibly

Using push messages sensibly means we should have something to say that is really important and beneficial for the user. You can not annoy users by reaching their notification panel with irrelevant content. It can lead to turning off push messages or blocking or uninstalling apps. So, check and make sure you are sending genuine and useful updates.

Measure Your Results

Like any other marketing campaign, you should measure results and optimise push notification strategies. Look for the KPIs like open rate, click rate, view rate and ROIs. Analyze your campaign results and find new ways to enhance your push campaigns.

Track your push campaigns in the push service dashboard if available or add UTM tags and track using Google Analytics. Thes both options are available in our free push notification service.


Push notifications are beneficial in every industry to connect with audiences. You can use them to drive traffic, increase engagement and retention, raise conversions and more. Follow these push notification tips, and you can always experiment with different tactics. 

If you are planning to use a push notification tool, you can get started with Truepush. It is a free push service with advanced features like segmentation, triggers, automation, scheduling, etc.