Web Push notifications have become an integral part of every industry user engagement strategy. You can observe these push messages popping up on your desktops and mobile devices but how many of them do you care to open?

With the rising popularity and usage of browser push notifications, it’s becoming tough for brands to stand out from the competition. Even though you observe a good opt-in rate, view, and delivery rate, you can’t see the same rise in the click-through rate (CTR) of push notifications.

We are in the spot where a user receives tens of web push notifications per day on average. You have to attract subscribers to get that click, which is crucial for your user engagement. Marketers can’t expect high results by simply implementing a push notifications service to their website. You need to know the working strategies to improve the Push Notifications Click Through Rates.

What is Push Notifications CTR?

The CTR of Push Notifications is defined as the ratio of clicks received for a notification to the total number of subscribers who received the notification. You will have greater user engagement with a high CTR value.

CTR= users opened push notification/users who received the push notification X100

There are a few push notifications performance metrics that every marketer has to concentrate on to get insights into push campaigns. However, among all parameters push notification CTR holds more importance as it increases the conversion rate, website traffic, and user engagement. So, we need to know how to optimize web push notifications to improve the push notifications click through rates and get actual results from the push campaigns.

Ways To Increase CTR of Push Notifications

Segmentation is the Key

Make your push notifications more relevant to the subscribers and attract them to make click. Segment your audiences based on previous visits to the website, know their interest and push relevant notifications. 

Every eCommerce or blog website will have different categories to serve its customers or readers. So, one for all push notification campaigns will not work in this competitive market to increase push notifications click through rates.

For example, there is a president’s day offer going on in the united states. Marketers can segmentize audiences according to the country and send push notifications. So, the offer will be more relevant to the users and you can see an increase in push notifications CTR.

Using an effective push notification provider like Truepush, you can segmentize audiences easily without any hidden charges. Marketers can divide subscribers based on various demographics like country, platform, last visited date, subscription date, and many more. 

Rich Push Notifications Improve CTR

You can increase your push notifications campaign CTR by 50% using rich media in push messages. Including visual factors in the notification content make you differ from others and creates interest in the users. You can add notification images, brand logos, and CTA buttons that take users to relevant landing pages.

The browser push notification image appears on Android mobile devices and Windows but not on Mac OS. Whereas the brand logo appears on all devices and browsers. So, check the preview of the web push notifications in your free push service before sending them to the subscribers.

Use emojis in push notification content to express your emotions to the audience. It will help you to convey more information using a few words and increase push notification CTR

Choose User Interaction Feature

Your push notifications stay for a maximum of 10 seconds on the user’s device lock or home screen and reach the notification panel along with other push messages. 

As mentioned earlier a user receives web push notifications from every other brand or website and may click on the cancel button without checking the notification. For example, you have intimated subscribers about a new blog on your website. What if the reader is busy and doesn’t notice your push notification? So, you need to make sure the notifications stick on the home screen or desktop until a user takes an action. 

For this, you can choose the user interaction while creating a push notification campaign for your subscribers. Truepush provides this feature that ensures reach high web push notification CTR. 

Use Trigger Notifications

Push notification campaigns that are well-timed exhibit high performance. You can automate push messages for user-specific actions using triggers. Automate notifications for your visitors using the push notification platform and deliver them. You can also push trigger notifications to particular audiences to target.

For example, a user subscribed to your push notification service. You can push notifications about your services, products, and blog categories after a specific time to remind and create interest. Marketers can choose the trigger frequency to once, repeated, or multiple dates to push messages.

Few scenarios where we can use Trigger notifications

  • After subscription
  • Cart abandonment
  • After purchase
  • Category targeting
  • Monthly reminders

Create Urgency with Content

It’s time to play around with the push notification content as we know it is the core element to attract subscribers and make them click push messages. It is the working and easiest push notification strategy that can increase your push notifications CTR.

Writers can include words like Right Now, Grab Now, Last Deal, Save More, Limited Stock, Offer Running Out, Last Chance, and many more in push titles, notification messages, and CTA links. You can look through the tips to write perfect push notifications and optimize them.

Test Your Push Campaigns

Check the performance of push campaigns frequently to optimize your push notifications strategy. You can also add test users to your push notification campaigns and get the perfect combination of content, timing, and frequency for your users.

You can push notifications to the test users initially and know their responses before sending them to the targeted audiences. Marketers can also perform the push notifications A/B testing process and know the working strategy.

Use Truepush, free push notification service and analyze your push campaigns regularly to optimize and get better results.

Check the Performance Metrics

Monitor all your web push notifications performance metrics and stay in touch with your marketers to build goal-oriented strategies. You can check these parameters in the dashboard of your push notification provider. 


Along with optimizing your push notification campaigns, there are a few external factors like brand recognition, customer trust, user relationship with a brand, industry type, and more. These are a few ways to improve your push notification CTR performance and it is always important to experiment with all tips and choose the appropriate one for your website.