Emojis have become a huge part of today’s online communication experience. Emoji marketing has become an important part of our expression while sending text, notifications, emails, etc. People are in love with these emojis as they can express their emotions practically.

It took no time for these emojis to move from communication to marketing. Marketers started using these emojis in all marketing notifications content. This practice has improved engagement, open & click rate, and conversions.

The intention of using push notifications is to form a relationship with the customers. Incorporating these emojis in push notification samples can help you make that faster. A survey states that emojis in push notifications drive the open rate by 85%.

Also, emoticons in the web push notification content influence the user's decision more than facts. Seeing all these benefits marketers are interested in including emojis in all types of push notifications.

In this article, we will give you 10 good reasons to use emojis in push notifications.

Including emojis in push notifications is straightforward. However, several of our users aren’t taking advantage of this favorable little feature. So, if you’re not using emojis in your web push notifications yet, now is the time to do.

Reasons why you should add Emojis in push notifications

1. Emojis Boost Push Notification Open Rates

The standard open rate of push notifications is 2.44% on mobile and desktop. But with emojis in push notifications increases at a higher rate of 4.51%. This increases the success rate of marketing campaigns and engages more users. It consecutively improves brand awareness, retention and relationship with the push subscribers.

2. Increases Personalization

Emojis have proved to be one of the foremost productive means of nonverbal communication. It creates empathy and helps to communicate with the users at a personal level and form relationships. So try to include emojis in push notifications and present your emotions in a different way.

For example, observe the below push notification example.

The push message contains emojis in the push title and descriptions that represent the user’s emotions after receiving the push notification.

3. Helps in Upgrading Push Notifications

Emojis in push notifications upgrade your marketing campaigns. They make your notifications different from others and capture the user’s attention. Check your notification panel, you can find many popular websites using emojis in their push notifications. With the varieties of emojis, websites can represent emotions, food, places and more using emojis.

Including emojis in push messages gives a new look and will drive more clicks, and conversions or generate more leads. Using different push content will also create interest among users in notifications from your brand. It can also increase the word of mouth (WOM) marketing for the brand.

4. Emojis increase brand awareness

Emojis are great visuals that stay longer with an enduring impression within the minds of the user. Using them in your web push notification will boost your brand awareness. Emojis can work great to get to the top of the user’s mind and will not give a chance for them to switch brands. These days all brands are using emoji marketing and seeing good results.

For example, a website uses the same emoji in every push notification, email, promotional message, app, and website. In this case, when you see the same emoji on your keypad or any other place the brand crosses your mind because of the recognition.

5. Emojis save space and time 

Web push notifications have only limited characters space to convey the message. So, sometimes it becomes a tricky job to convey with limited text length. This is where emojis in push notifications come to your rescue. This push notification practice will save you space, time, and effort.

Using emojis in push notifications rather than words will shorten the text length. This gives you a chance to pick words you want to represent in the push message.

6. Less text, easier to read

One of the explanations why emojis are popular among users is that in some cases they convey the message more clearly than words. Emoticons are convenient to use, easy to express, and can make push notifications more engaging.

As we know web push notifications are small and crispy messages. With many push messages on the notification panel, users are never interested to check all the messages and there are chances they tap on the clear all button. But emojis in push notifications can convey the purpose of notification with one glance

7. Android users are more inclined toward Emojis

A survey states that emojis show a high impact among Android users compared to iOS users. Web push notifications with emojis in iOS were opened by 50% while the same message in Android has an increase in open rate by 135%. If you are targeting only Android users it is advisable to include emojis in push notifications. Observe the below graph to see the difference in push notifications open rate in Android and iOS users.

8. Boosts customer engagement

The utilization of emojis in marketing campaigns increases the user engagement rate by 108%. In the present day usage of emojis is everywhere and you can find thousands of emojis there are also apps to download various types. 

Using proper emojis in push notifications will increase the user engagement of your website or app.

How to use Emojis in Push Notifications

Here are a few cases of how to use emojis in push notifications. 

1. Use Emojis as Punctuation

Instead of using general punctuation marks (., !), you can substitute them with appropriate emojis.

For example,

  • Last Chance for Discount 🤑
  • Halloween Offers 💀🤡😈
  • 50% OFF on Everything 😲😄

These emojis at the end of push titles can grab the user’s attention. However, the emojis are counted as one character as same as punctuation marks.

2. Replace Words With Emojis

Using emojis can simplify your words and can make your push notifications interesting. For instance, you can replace places, things, animals, food, clothing & accessories with emojis. But make certain that represents the exact word so it will not disrupt the sentence’s meaning. This will help you save the character count in push notifications.

3. Use Emojis before or after sentence

You can use this practice when you can’t use emojis as punctuation marks or replace words with emojis. 

Use emojis that can replicate the push message meaning or emotion of the user. This will emphasize what you want to tell and can increase the click rate of the push notification

For example

  • Order your 🍕 Now!!
  • Get 50% OFF on your 🚓

How to Add Emojis in Push Notifications

Adding emojis in push notifications is an easy job with the free push notification service, Truepush. Login to your account and go to the dashboard. Now, click on create campaign button to open the page. 

Now, add your push titles and descriptions content with emojis in the respective fields as shown below.

To get the emoji keypad while writing the content you can

Windows: Press Windows Key + the period(.) button

Mac: Press Ctrl+CMD+Space


The users always demand content that keeps them engaged. So, it’s considerably essential to take care while sending push notifications which will spark them. Emojis resonate the emotion on a personal level.

Using emojis in push messages can convert a normal push notification into an effective campaign. Always be clear with your push content and emojis you utilize and make them relevant. Emojis in push notification messages can get you to pass the first impression on the users. It facilitates you to drive open rates, more conversions, and also greater connections with your user. Along with this follow push notification best practices to get maximum results.