According to the research, 52% of users enable push messaging on their mobile devices, which increases the reach of web push notifications to individual’s mobile screens and makes them one of the most trending marketing and communication tools.

Android push notifications are a great way to communicate with the audience. They help in user engagement and retention. Various ways of sending android push notifications to the user from which he benefitted from the businesses.

  • They help in bringing back users to the app.
  • Push notifications improve user engagement 
  • Websites can communicate updates and other details 
  • Send push alerts on abandoned carts for e-commerce.
  • Build brand trust and reputation of the brand.
  • push messages promote products and services.

There are different and best ways of sending android push notifications to the user to engage them. Messages are designed in one of the following methods mentioned in this blog. Marketers use various patterns of messaging to engage customers and provide information.

Let us look at the ways of sending android push notifications : 

1.Informative notifications:

Informative push messages are sent out to provide users with informational details. This information can be in the form of reminders, alerts, updates, FYI messages, and others.

  • Reminders: This reminder push notification helps users to remind the important things or tasks to be performed based on their inputs or data. The reminder messages notify the user in time about specific events. 
  • Example: Suppose a user has a meeting, an app can track the geolocation of the user and draw the data from local traffic to alert the user when to start from home to reach on time for the scheduled meet. Thus reminder notifications help the user to inform about the various events so that they don’t miss important things.
  • Alerts:  Alerts are personalized messages related to users. These messages notify the users when something directly related to them happens. 


  •  When someone sends the user a message 
  • When someone likes the user’s post 
  • Account alerts through the banking app.

Updates: These android notifications tell the users about significant app updates, versions, adding new features, and other improvements in the applications. The creators can interact with the in-app users through the notifications and inform them about enhancements in the apps for improving their experiences.

android push notifications

2. Geolocation notifications:

These are also called a geo-triggered web push notifications that is sent to users when they enter or exit any specific region or location based on their past or current location. These notifications are sent when the user enters into specific perimeters like other countries, states, restaurants, buildings, and malls.


Foursquare app sending notifications to users when they enter particular regions about famous hotels or restaurants around to check out.

android push notification
Image source: idownload.com

3. Catch -up notifications:

Catch -up notifications are used to re-engage the users to the apps. They help users to motivate and catch-up with a few of their activities to carry on. The app sends you congratulatory messages, fitness tracking messages, complimentary messages, and others.

Catch-up notifications are more useful for fitness, e-commerce, and music apps where the users are engaged with a regular catch -up push messages and help in creating a direct link of interaction between them.

  • Example: Fitness app sending tacking and catch -up notifications such as 

“Congratulations! you’ve run 10 km today! “

android push notification
Image Source: little big details.com

4. Promotional notifications:

These notifications are used to promote or increase sales for the brands. They alert the users about various available deals, exclusive offers, discounts, sales, and giveaways.

 They encourage users to purchase products by creating a sense of urgency and requirement.

Promotional notifications play a vital role in conversion rates. Creating excellent eye-catching promotional messages can increase sales and expand the customer base for the brands.

  • Example: Promotional notifications can be used for online shopping apps where timely updates about great deals and offers can be sent to the users.

Amazon is sending daily exclusive deals to its customers through notifications.

“Great Deals exclusively waiting for you “ 

  • android push notification

5. Recurrent Web Push Notifications:

Recurrent web push notifications are scheduled messages sent to specific users at specific times and dates. These notifications are sent weekly or monthly to highlight editorial picks. 

They notify the users about new releases or blog updates. The campaigns are scheduled for the particular time intervals for the subscribed users for timely updates.

  • Example:  Music apps sending the list of top 10 songs of the month.

“Listen to the top most popular songs of the month. “

6. Rating /survey web push notifications:

These notifications are used to collect the feedbacks and customer ratings for the products. Which helps in increasing the reviews and value of the products. 

Customers always check the rating of particular products before purchasing.Rating/Survey notifications are interactive mediums of collecting feedback and rating from users, which can be further shared with other users for their information.

  • Example: Apps asking to rate the user experience 

   That’s Great!

  • “Are you up writing a review about your experience with our product?”

Android web push notifications are a great marketing and engaging tool. Marketers have to analyze the kind of notifications to be used at specific times to get maximum benefits out of it. Knowing the different ways of sending notifications will help creators to draw the user’s attention and increase the value and reputation of the businesses.

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