Android push notifications are considered as a privilege for marketers, but when not used aptly, users can easily block them. It can be used with an excellent push marketing strategy to design notification campaigns that can boost customer engagement.

Here are a few tips to effectively make use of android push notifications to increase retention and expand the customer base:


Segmentation plays a very crucial role in designing successful push campaigns. The efficient categorization of data and similar elements can help marketers to target the notifications to the specific users with the relevant information.

The data can be grouped based on the customer’s needs, preferences, and behavior. Segmentation helps in understanding the various customer groups to send specific information to a particular group.

Segmentation is one of the most appreciated features of Truepush, which helps websites to grow and increase their customer base.

Example: Segmentation allows the creators to represent the specific products to the users according to their preferences and requirements.

Suppose when a customer visits a store, the storekeeper shows him a variety of products initially, but once the storekeeper gets an idea about the kind of products the customer likes, then the next time when the customer visits the store the products are shown based on the preferences and his interest.

Add value information:

According to a study, an average mobile user downloads 42 apps. If every app sends notifications that don’t add value to the user, then it will annoy them, and the chances of uninstalling the app will increase. The creators should send value and relevant information to the users according to their preferences, such as news alert, an account alert, and updates.

Example: Consider the recent app by the Government of India (GoI) on novel coronavirus – Aarogya Setu. This app adds immense value to the daily life of Indians by notifying them to avoid nearby patients. 

Similarly, consider the top gaming app of the season – Ludo King, which is curing the boredom of people around the world—hence adding value in the daily life of the people. 

There are n-number of examples that we can highlight in value addition by mobile android apps. 

Create a sense of urgency:

The notifications should create a sense of urgency in the users to take action. To engage the users with certain specific words that trigger them to take action like “Limited,” “Don’t miss,” Soon.” These kinds of words grab the attention of users.

Example: Consider Amazon Big Billion Sale, which creates a sense of urgency among the app users with exclusive offers and limited stock using push notifications.

Please keep it simple and concise:

Design the simple push messages for the users and keep it concise. Be specific and relevant to the subject. Don’t use technical jargon, which subscribers can find difficult to understand.

Example: A lot of apps fail to connect with app users with complex messages, including technicalities in push notifications. 

Use compelling calls-to-action(CTA):

Use Compelling calls-to-action in the notifications. The marketers should think from the user’s persona to understand what kind of CTA will impact on them. Be creative and use a strong command verb at the start of CTA.

Example: A lot of shopping apps have CTA in their web push notifications. 


Deep-Linking is one of the push notifications best practices that can improve the performance of push alerts. They can direct the users to the specific pages and increase the open rates for android push notifications. It tracks the CTR of push campaigns.


Android notifications are great marketing and engagement tool since they help the creators to interact with the users. Following an excellent push notifications strategy to design these savvy push notifications can drive great results for the creators.

Rich push notifications help in converting the users into potential customers and establish a direct line of communication between them. They enhance the user experience by providing valuable information and timely updates.

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