Welcome to the fifth episode of the Game of Growth podcast series hosted by Truepush. In this series of podcasts, we will be covering the best growth stories across the globe.

In conversation with Ramesh Ravishankar, Senior Director, Marketing at Freshworks.

About Ramesh Ravishankar 

Ramesh boasts of an advantage of being in the digital space since 2008. Over the years, he has been on top of the digital marketing wave. He has been able to master and adopt all relevant digital marketing platforms- SEO, SEM, programmatic buying, branding and measurement.

As a leader, he is extremely passionate about people, measurement and innovation as he firmly believes that RoI focussed marketing yields the best for the company he has worked for. Over the years, he has managed web products, developed consumer acquisition campaigns, built brands and measurement techniques and has successfully linked every initiative to business goals.

Today, he leads all digital efforts for Freshworks after having a solid stint at Google serving many customers across multiple verticals globally. 

About Freshworks

Freshworks creates cloud-based software solutions for businesses. Founded in Chennai, India, in 2010 as Freshdesk, the company has a product suite ranging from sales CRM software to recruitment tools and customer-support helpdesk software. The company has proliferated to 1,000+ employees globally, across five offices, and over 130,000 organizations around the world are already using its software.

Today, Freshworks is a global powerhouse in cloud-based business software with a majority of revenue coming from North America, followed by Europe. The company now has a customer base of over 130,000 with 60% of its business coming through Google products.

The Gist of the Discussion

With more than 11 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Ramesh Ravishankar shares his insights on the journey so far.

Can you share how did you start your professional journey?

I started 16 years back with selling Bicycles and then started selling Pay-phones. Later I realized that the internet is catching a lot of booms and I need to do something in there.

I joined a company which designed websites for the organizations and bringing the traffic for the websites was the only agenda.

Later I started my journey with Google, which paved the way for Freshworks. I was associated with Google for about six years and learned a lot about digital marketing.

Then I got this opportunity with Freshworks, and today I am serving the company for the past five years as a Senior Director, Marketing.

He also shares various insights on his journey at Freshworks and explains how user experience and engagement are the fundamentals of Digital Marketing. He always considers the user persona as the base of every project he takes in at Freshworks and design customer-support tools for the organizations. 

To know more about the discussion, Tune into the podcast right now, as he reveals about the growth factors, important KPIs to seek for, and other crucial aspects of customer engagement platforms.

About the Host

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