Deepan Siddhu

“It is the customer focussed organization that survives which has the retention as their growth metrics, not necessarily the acquisition”– Deepan Siddhu, Marketing Director, Webenza & Ex-Neil Patel Digital India.

About Webenza

Webenza is a digital media agency that provides assistance from scratch in covering:

  • Brand Management
  • Social Media Campaign Management / Engagement
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  • Listening / Monitoring / Reporting – Online Advertising
  • SEO
  • User Experience Design

Webenza believes in making brands more robust by giving them a voice and accelerating their growth and reputation. Some of the clients include- Schneider Electric, The Royal family of Baroda, Inventure Academy, Angel Prime, Clarks and Rotary Club of Bangalore IT Corridor, and many more.

The gist of the discussion

All ears to Deepan Siddhu, Marketing Director at Webenza. Deepan has earned a lot of accolades in his marketing career of more than a decade such as  Adobe’s Top 100, LinkedIn’s Top 50, Oracle’s Top 100 Digital Marketing Profession in India & Asia.

As the host, Tina proceeds in asking about what every business should focus on re-engaging their customers and website visitors, Deepan explains, ” I think it’s an entire ecosystem, Tina, if you’d ask me, if I take traditional channels, of course, there are websites and we have desktop push notifications for the website itself, and if its a signup for a newsletter, then email becomes your communication. If you have an app, then I think it plays a very crucial role in user retention.

Social media is also one of the channels, and if you’d notice that there are very few brands, that focus on engaging through social media, most of the stakeholders will focus on achieving metrics or targets they have planned. So, they don’t really focus on engaging and building relationships. All these channels along with SMS can be used. Modern brands take care of their customers and that’s the key. In the covid19 phase, there are hardly any brands who messaged me regarding how am I doing? So, if a brand let go of their profit margins, retaining their users, is important for sure. “

Deepan further explains the importance of push notifications by targeting the right set of audiences. Push notifications are being used by big brands in engaging the customers immensely and how marketing ecosystems is witnessing a rapid change by being digitally savvy, data-driven, and they don’t like assumptions.

About Game of Growth

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About the Host

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