“It’s never too late to start a journey”– Vikrant Devraj 

Welcome to the Game of Growth Podcast hosted by Truepush. Each episode brings you the challenging scenarios of how companies grow from dust to glory. In this series, we aim to provide the best series on growth, customer engagement and B2B marketing.

Kickstarting to our very first episode, we’re joined by Vikrant Devraj, Product Head at Way2news– India’s No.1 Hyper-local Short News App., to discuss how media platforms engage their customers.

About Vikrant Devraj, Product Head, Way2News

Before joining Way2news, Vikrant started a company called “Tazzo Bikes” with his friends. Being excellent at his product skills, he took up product development and marketing. Post-Tazzo Bikes, Vikrant made a decision to explore the opportunities in the B2C industries. He joined as a Product Head in multiple B2C entities and finally made it to Way2news.

He started off with Way2online (Parent organization for Way2news) with multiple products which include ad-tech products, fin-tech products, etc. He moved to Way2news in 2018 to head the product. Way2news is India’s No.1 Hyper-local short news app which provides real-time news to its users, backed by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This app is now available in 8 regional languages in India.
At Way2news, Vikrant is focused on building and designing the product and implementing new features in the product. Being a product head and marketer himself, he sheds all his experiences and insights with us in this episode.

The gist of the discussion

In this podcast, he talks about company growth, its game plan, and discusses various customer engagement strategies being a media platform. Also, he advises on how to build and market the product at the initial stages. 

When asked Vikrant “What marketing channels do you use at way2news and how do you plan out your marketing strategies?”

He says “The strategies are very simple. We usually focus on areas where the user is already consuming the vernacular language which makes us easy to target. And, the channels that we mostly rely on, are push notifications for day-to-day engagement/ marketing and we also go with Google AdWords and other social media. 

Why do you think customer engagement matters a lot?

News media is highly competitive. Any byte that is not covered, is covered by your competitor. Engagement is a part where even if you are not able to send out a correct push notification to the user you are losing the engagement because they are definitely be going to the other app for the same news. Therefore, engagement on a constant basis is our high priority. Sending timely push notifications to the users is very critical for us. We have divided the users based on interests, predicted age, location, occupation, etc. to send the right push notifications.

Listen to the complete discussion above to know more about how media platforms engage their customers.

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