Cell phones have evolved from a luxury item to a regular need. Mobile applications now account for 80 percent of phone usage and hence, alerts notifications have now become an important part of promotions and enhancing brand awareness.

Indeed, recent research by Deloitte on global consumer trends shows that more than 33 percent of people are checking their phones within 5 minutes of waking up. And approximately 20 percent keep checking their phones once every 20 minutes. It might sound great, but millions of apps compete for such attention.

The push alerts on the mobile device are similar to the standard push alerts via desktop

Although the revenue and efficiency in mobile traffic are much higher than the desktop, the conversion rate is much higher-therefore the mobile output in push is higher than the desktop.

What exactly are mobile web push notifications?

Mobile push notifications are one of the leading communication channel used by many applications to leverage customer experience.

A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device. It is a message sent by the application to the mobile device of the customer. You can send push alerts to customers who have activated your mobile app and have opted-in to receive updates.

They allow brands to communicate important news, information, or updates about their services and products to their customers. So, it increases interaction with personalized content or re-engages with consumers who have not been using their app for some time.

Each Mobile platform has support for push notification like iOS and Android

  • iOS push notification

iOS push notifications follow the opt-in model, where brands or app owners can only submit push notifications if the user has actively decided to accept them.

  • Android push notifications

Android push alerts are automatically activated and customers can choose to opt-out of them manually.

Types of mobile push notifications

  • Transactional messages: Transactional communications are about the action you have taken, for example, a payment transaction, the terms of the arrangement time and place of delivery of the product after purchase, or a change of plans delayed flight.
  • Promotional messages: these push notifications remind you of new app features or deals (new product launches, etc.).
  • User notification: User alerts are common for instant messengers and email messages. They’re alerting you about new messages sent to your inbox.
  • Geolocation messages: With location-based mobile push notifications, you can alert your customers about local events and promotions, finding available restaurants in the region, weather forecasts, etc.
  • Survey notifications: Rating/survey mobile push notifications are great for collecting input from users and optimizing user experience.

Push notifications offer substantial benefits to get ahead of the competition. The major advantage of using Push Notifications is that they are capable of sending messages instantly. 

Benefits of mobile push notifications

Mobile push notifications are effective marketing strategy to increase the user engagement. Here are some of the reasons why you can’t afford to waste the opportunity that push notifications offer your business:

  • Refine conversion

Mobile Push Notifications can work seamlessly with your overall marketing strategy. Timely marketing campaigns are the best way to improve conversion rates because they frequently notify consumers and build a sense of urgency. According to a recent study, Sending smart, behavior-based mobile push notifications proved to increase conversion rates by 4X.

Using mobile Push Notifications, you can quickly communicate to your potential customers while they are on your website.hence, setting the trigger for instant purchases by the consumers. Since mobile alerts have a higher subscription rate than other channels, they can be used to drive sales and increase click-through rates.

  • Stimulate user-engagement

 77% of consumers have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience. (Forrester’s)

Consumers expect personalized, contextual interactions. Being more personal means becoming more important to your customers – and having meaningful content will help accelerate your initiatives and increase interaction.

Catch the interest of your customer by giving them real-time reminders and notifications. You should make them aware of your products, first of all. Next, smartphone users are growing at a rapid pace. Hence, Push notifications are a perfect way to reach out to the audience and make conversions.

  • Escalate customer retention

Many apps have a large client base of inactive users who have downloaded it but do not use it. Did you know that almost 90% of apps that are downloaded to a mobile device are opened once and are never used again? Just 16% of the users can test the app more than twice (Digital Trends).

They are sometimes missed, lost in the sea of the many available smartphone applications. Mobile Push notifications enable developers to provide users with up-to-date relevant information, encourage participation, encourage recognition, and increase customer retention. As per the report, you can increase your app retention rate by 10 times if you submit useful and appropriate push notifications.

The balance between the acquisition of customers and the retention of customers is the norm that needs to be established in business.


Mobile push notifications are accurate, confidential, and workable. Mobile push alerts give you a unique opportunity to be closer to your customers than any other platform.

Mobile push messages give you global powers, but note with great power comes great responsibility. Use them strategically to enhance the messaging approach, increase user experience, conversion, and retention. Now, you can create  Android push notifications in Truepush and make them a part of your onboarding flow.

Easily send a track, and customize mobile push notifications with Truepush.

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