Truepush is a trusted push notification service provider for both web and mobile. Truepush has acquired more than 2500+ developers/ marketers globally in one year.

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PFB features that make Truepush one of the most preferred Push Notifications Tool.

  • A dedicated dashboard tailored to everyone’s needs.
  • A Customizable Push Notification pop-up.
  • Segments with custom tags.
  • Custom Templates with easy access.
  • Custom Triggers.
  • User-Friendly Option to monitor your campaigns.
  • RSS to Push notifications
  • A dedicated team support team.
  • and many more.

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Truepush free push service

Why Truepush does better than its competition?

The foremost feature that Truepush scores over other tools are the market’s premium features, offered for the most affordable, by Truepush.Truepush has a dedicated customer support team that promptly addresses the queries of their clients and rectifies the issues promptly. Truepush has a user-friendly interface that is second to none in the push notifications industry.

Truepush is the most trusted push notification provider for online customer engagement

Over a short time period, Truepush push notification service provider with its push notifications for website and mobile browser has captured 2500+ clients and has been adding more names to the exhaustive list.

Truepush is the most trusted push notification provider for online customer engagement

It’s not just us who claim that we’re one of the best push notifications service in the market. You can read our customer’s reviews on Capterra.

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