How “AbhiBus”- India’s fastest growing ticket booking platform re-targets its diverse users by implementing user engagement strategies using Truepush

Naman Dhimole ( Product Manager at AbhiBus ), shares his insights on how Abhibus

, over the years, has strived to deliver easy booking solutions to its customers and continued efforts resulting in AbhiBus becoming one of the leading ticketing platforms in India for various Bus services.

Company Overview:

AbhiBus, over the years, has strived to deliver easy booking solutions to its customers. The continuous efforts of AbhiBus have resulted in becoming one of the leading ticketing platforms in India for various bus services. AbhiBus has a strong presence with a ticket inventory from over 2500 bus partners and 100000 route options on the app and website.

book bus, train and hotel tickets online-abhibus
book bus, train and hotel tickets online-abhibus


1. What was The intention behind starting AbhiBus?

Sudhakar Reddy, founder & CEO of AbhiBus, started the company in 2008 to revolutionize the Indian bus booking system by taking it online. The intention behind starting it was to solve the conventional and messy ticket booking problems faced by people. Today, AbhiBus Services (India) Private Limited is a pioneer in providing end-to-end software and other value-added solutions such as e-ticketing systems, fleet management solutions, vehicle tracking systems, passenger information systems, logistics management backed by a 24×7 customer support center.  

 2. What is your website? What are the different marketing channels that you are trying to gain more visitors on your website? is one of India’s largest online travel reservation platform with a strong presence in Bus Booking, Bus Rental and Hotel Reservation space.  AbhiBus has a wide variety of customer demographics which is used for all relevant and widespread marketing channels.

AbhiBus funnel in customers through efficient social media marketing through segmented and optimized advertisements. The team regularly works to optimize SEO & discoverability through micro-sites. The strong offline marketing, along with celebrity endorsement is often combined with seasonal campaigns. 

3. What factors do you consider while building a marketing strategy?

Well, the factors considered while developing a methodology depends on the goal in hand. Any successful strategy is realized when the executive goals overlap with marketing capabilities. AbhiBus defines broad goals and carves them with data and industrial experience.

4. How do you enhance brand consistency using various marketing channels?

To have an edge over the competition, the product and marketing team works hand-in-hand. The increased efficiency gained takes the vision to the next level by not just giving coupons and reward points (AbhiCash) to our users but combining it with better user experience.

It enables cross-selling between various businesses, an increase in customer loyalty, and a decrease in UAC. The combined focus has made us the number #1 rated app for online booking on the Android Platform. (4.4/5 stars)

5. What are the different ways of growth or marketing channels that maximize customer acquisition/ retention?

AbhiBus believes in serving value to their customers and doing it in a unique way: Honest Pricing and Transparency of costs. Let me explain – The prices typically rise during peak seasons and get slashed during off-peak. AbhiBus has a platform called Edge that gets the customer notified (in real-time) about the price changes that are made by operators. This transparency has resulted in a huge and more importantly, a loyal customer base for AbhiBus. 

AbhiBus has evolved regularly and updated the user experience through in-app changes and training the customer support team.

6. What is your opinion on push notifications in general?

Push notifications are getting a lot of flak lately because they lead to digital noise on mobile phones. AbhiBus has also noticed that unregulated push notifications can lead to uninstalls. I firmly believe that push notifications can prove to be a POD against the competition when used wisely. AbhiBus practice careful user behavior studies and AI/ML integrated customer segmentation while deployment. Push notification should not ‘shout’ at the customer, but, aid them to use the service better. Ensuring a personalized and encouraging notification to the right customer at the right time is the key.

 Key Inputs:

  • Sending push notifications at regular intervals is the key attribute for AbhiBus.
  • Segmenting audiences based on their interests and sending personalized push notifications at the right time creates a huge impact and helps one to stay ahead from their competitors. 
  • Truepush audience segmentation feature allows categorizing the audience into various segments based on country, state, city, platform, andbrowser, etc.

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