How GrabOn re-targets its diverse users and implements user engagement strategies as shared in an interview with Truepush.

Interview with Thehasin Nazia

Interview with Thehasin Nazia, Outreach Specialist at GrabOn.

1. What is your website? What was your intention for starting it (What is the unique problem you’re trying to solve)?

Our website is GrabOn. We are Indias #1 coupons, deals, and e-Gift Cards marketplace. GrabOn was founded out of the necessity of making online shopping affordable for the average Indian. Driven by the brand motto of Save on Everything, GrabOn partners with top players across verticals like food, fashion, travel, recharge and more to provide exclusive offers, deals, and discounts to the end-user. Since September 2013, GrabOn has helped numerous Indians save every time they shop, book tickets, order food or hail a taxi cab. Users are alerted about price drops, sale events, and hottest deals through email newsletters, desktop buzz, and app push notifications. Recently GrabOn has diversified into the online gifting sector with an e-Gift Cards platform and has already recorded over a million sales and going strong.

Save on Everything Grabon

2. What are the different ways of growth or marketing channels you’re trying to get more visitors on the website?

  • We at GrabOn partner with established brands across various segments like aviation, BFSI, Loyalty, Telecommunication among others to reach out to previously untapped user base.
  • We bring in users via the microsites we design for our partners, who in return help with our brand promotion thus boosting brand recall.
  • We also divert traffic through our tie-ups with high-traffic platforms like web browsers.
  • Our coupons and deals are listed on partner real estate which encourages new visits on our website.
  • We also have a proven track record of onboarding movies with the starring actors providing sound bytes which encourage users to check out our platform.
  • We frequently run campaigns on our social media platforms to increase engagement and acquire new users.
  • We forge alliances with colleges in the form of event sponsorships and barter deals which brings in referral traffic.

3. How do you enhance your brand consistency using push notifications and other marketing tools?

We continuously work towards providing the best and latest coupons, offers and deals to our users. In order to maintain consistency, we have to segregate users according to their age, gender, and region they belong to in order to better serve them. Personalization is the key here. Our users will be able to better relate with our brand if there is a uniformity in the nature of offers and deals they receive.

4. How the usage of push notifications in your business impacts user growth/ How do you maximize customer retention using push notifications?

Timely and relevant push notification has had a positive impact on user acquisition and growth. When it comes to maximizing customer retention, we rely on proper segmentation by studying user behavior and implement region and season-specific offers, be it travel or food or entertainment.

5. What factors do you consider while building a push notification strategy to increase engagement?

There are a lot of factors to be considered while planning a push notification strategy especially depending on the merchant or campaign requirement. Here are a few of the most crucial ones:

  • Relevancy: The content is very important to the success of the push notification. Whether it is is an alert, reminder, update, location-specific, update, re-engagement, promotion or survey.
  • Timing: This factor is of the utmost importance given the time-sensitive nature of a few of our merchant offers.
  • Segmentation: Proper segmentation helps us target and reach the right customer with a buying intent.
  • CTA: The Call To Action button is the most critical aspect of the push notification as it can make or break the campaign.

6. Which push notification feature do you use the most and how it helped you to solve your problem?

We at GrabOn work with a host of different merchants who comes from various business segments viz. Food, travel, entertainment, recharge and utility payments, and more. Each of these merchants have special requirements when we run a campaign. Some might want extra eyeballs from untapped sources, while others might focus on promotion and brand recall. It is imperative that we meet these demands.

Sending out personalized and targeted push notifications is of the utmost importance. Depending on the requirement of the respective client, we use a wide variety of features that helps us serve various campaign objectives including promotion, user acquisition, and retention, among others. The most used ones include scheduling and the customizations available for notification title, text, icons/images, and URL insertion.

Our analysis:

In order to serve your users better, personalization is the key factor while sending push notifications. This is achieved by segmenting users based on their age, gender, and region, etc., and notifying/targeting them at the right time to gain maximum engagement, as considered to be an important aspect for GrabOn. Truepush audience segmentation feature allows categorizing the audience into various segments based on country, state, city, platform, and browser, etc. 

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