As of 2018, on average, a typical blog post takes three and a half hours to write and has around 1151 words. Once the blog is up and running, people start reading it and your reader base expands. Your readers have to come back to your site and check out if there are any new posts or you might be updating them via emails. The chances are high that your reader might overlook his emails due to a lack of his time or your hard work in creating those emails that might land in the spam folder, all in vain, without even a single view! What to do next?

Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”-CHRIS GROSSER

To have a strong reader base, there is a need to provide quality messages in a brief such as – new posts, updates, giveaways, etcetera. What if there was a way to notify your reader base with short and crisp messages that grab their attention instantaneously? Why not retain your readers with timely and targeted updates? Push Notifications are your go-to solution for customers’ online engagement!  Before we talk about push notifications, we need to understand push meaning and subscription meaning. Push notifications are an apt copy of your updates and offers. It contains the notification title, message, and featured image. And, subscription meaning is when the site visitors allow receiving notifications from your website.

Once you start sending Push Notifications to your readers, updating them with what’s new on your blog, they are just a click away from visiting the blog and immersing themselves in your content. Not only that, but you can also send notifications with tidbits of information or one-liners from your older blog posts. This helps new users to connect to your old posts and also serves as a reminder to the old users.

Let’s look at how you can make use of Push Notifications using the “Truepush” push notification service provider. Free Truepush service provides a free re-engagement tool for the makers which would allow them to provide better products and services. It has become one of the top push notification service providers.

Schedule Notifications

There is a provision to schedule notifications and send them whenever you like. This helps to preplan your notification campaigns and gives you more time to work on your content rather than worrying about the delivery of notifications. A wide range of readers who are in different time zones can be targeted and the timing of the notifications will be spot on. Here’s the icing, if you schedule a campaign for 3 P.M(example) then users all over the world will receive notifications at 3 P.M in their timezone. No need to schedule the campaign timings individually as far as time zones are concerned. Remember, timing is as important as the content itself as it has to reach the readers, that’s the ultimate goal while providing good content.

Segmentation Powered by Truepush

Old and new users need to be categorized into different segments for obvious reasons. This is where the ‘segmentation’ tool steps in. Our free Truepush service allows you to create segments to send push notifications. All you have to do is create a campaign with the relevant information that you would like to pass on and select the segment of users that will receive it. It’s as simple as that. Just new or old users? NO! You have the flexibility to categorize your reader base based on their country, the type of platform they use, their subscription date, etcetera, and whatever categorization that you can think of is possible with custom segmentation.

For example, you might have a few readers who haven’t visited your blog for over a month. In this case, you can create a segment based on “Last visited date” – set the condition to “Before” and enter the date in the “Value” box. When you send a campaign with these constraints with relevant content, only the users falling under these constraints will receive notifications which increases the chances of their engagement.


Monitoring your campaigns gives you insight into how they are performing and helps you to analyze and improve your future campaigns. TruePush’s dashboard gives real-time updates of all the need-to-know stats.

Customizing Push Notifications

Sassy is the new trend! Informative content – coupled with relevant images and backed by useful call-to-action buttons has a high chance of reader engagement.


RSS to Push Meaning is a simple tool for content blogs and websites. This will automatically send a push notification to your users whenever you have a new post in your RSS feed.

We believe that your content is as amazing as anyone else’s out there and with the right tools to assist you in your journey, a well-crafted and productive user engagement platform can be developed. There are more advanced features in the free Truepush service for you to explore, feel free to do so!

About Free Truepush Service

Truepush is the world’s No.1 free Push Notification platform. We are so glad to announce our Triggers and RSS-to-Push are now updated to give you the best online engagement.

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