How “Chanhtuoi,” Vietnam’s eCommerce platform makes use of Truepush as shared in an interview with Nguyễn Cao Tú, CEO- Chanhtuoi.

1. What is your website? What was your intention for starting it?  is an e-commerce website where we have different categories of products.

2. What is the unique problem Truepush is helping you solve?

By using Truepush, I can send notifications to Safari by creating a .p12 certificate.

3. How many visitors come to your website daily?

About 10000 to 50000 users visit our website every day. 

4. What are the different ways of growth or marketing channels you’re trying to get more visitors on the website?

The number of visitors matters to us, and that is how we make money from the business. Being a marketer, we use SEO practices to continuously improve the website ranking, which in turn drives traffic to our website.

5. How are push notifications essential to reach that growth?

Push notifications helped us to gain more traffic to our website by retaining our users. Through our e-commerce platform, we send limited time offer, sales flash offer using Truepush

6. How do you plan your push notifications? Any specific strategies/goals you’ve designed around it, and why?

We have various categories on our website. We segment our users depending on the groups they visit and send notifications accordingly. Hence, segmentation has helped us to target users specifically.

7. How is Truepush helping you achieve these goals?

Truepush’s forever free strategy is helping us to reach out to our users. It is helping to save a lot of money as there are no limits on the number of notifications/subscribers. There is no other tool like Truepush in the market who are providing such fantastic services for free. 

8. Any feature you want in the future that can help you and why?

We would need help in segmenting our subscribers. For example, Electronics or articles in Electronic Category. This way, we can send push as per their interest.

Truepush Comment: We already have this Feature, we will establish a call soon to explain how we can do it. 

9. Any feature you want to remove and feel is not so good?

There is no such feature that we feel is not so good or unimportant.

10. Any feedback for the product and the Truepush team?

Thank you for developing such an excellent product. We are pleased to use your services. Keep going. 

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