How “”, an international news media company makes use of Truepush to Re-target and Re-engage its users as shared in an interview

Interview with Fernando Salvato, Partnerships – Head of Programmatic at The

1. What is your website? What was your intention for starting it (What is the unique problem you’re trying to solve)?– It is an international news media company. Our values ​​are: Non-biased news for the society, truth, and honesty first.

International news media company-
International news media company-

2. How are web push notifications important to gain more visitors on the website?

It is very important because today it is difficult to retain the reader. Although our content is unique, the push serves as a reminder to say “Hey here we are, remember our content you like”.

3. How do you plan your web push notifications? Any specific strategies/goals you’ve planned around it and why?’

We use the RSS to Push function that saves us a lot of operating time. Great function!

4. How is Truepush helping you achieve these goals?

Automate the task of having to manually send the news to our readers. Since we have 4 websites and a lot of daily news, the RSS to Push function is indispensable for us.

5. Any particular feature you like in specific and why?

RSS to Push, great time saver!

6. Any feature you want in the future that can help you and why? 

It would be great to have auto-segmentationand to be able to send personalized content to each of the users in an automated way.

7. Any feature you want to remove and feel is not so good?


8. Any feedback for the product and for the Truepush team?

Keep working hard, the product is really excellent and the most affordable one!

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