Building a startup involves excitement, challenges and innovations. 

Every startup vision for huge converting audiences and high website traffic.

To achieve all these you need to think about marketing strategies to implement feasibly with the resources available. The secret to this is to get creative and think out of the box.

Before planning any marketing campaign make sure you have tools like social media accounts, CMS platform, creative writers, email and push notification services, etc. We need to use these to implement marketing strategies that align with your business goals like signups, conversions, downloads, etc.

Always be on your feet and find new ways to get into the market. And here are some of the ways to build effective marketing strategies that can lay a strong foundation for your business’s success.

9 Effective & Affordable Marketing Strategies 2023

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an easy and effective brand-building strategy for any business size in all industries. In the present digital world, everyone is on social media so don’t think twice to implement this marketing strategy.

To start with, create accounts on all popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. Optimize these accounts with all the necessary details and bring in followers through activities like posting user-centric content, replying to comments, etc.  Social media marketing is the best way for business to take their products or service to users.

You can find a wide range of platforms for every media type and mostly completely free. There are paid services available for post boosting and sponsored ads that will aid in reaching more users. Check the beginner’s guidelines for SMM and prepare your strategy.

Push Notifications Marketing

It is one of the popular and most used marketing strategies where you can inform the target audiences about products and services. These short messages reach the user’s desktop or mobile notification panels and can lure into making a conversion.

Push notifications are easy to integrate and simple to implement. Marketers can send personalized push notifications to segmented audiences and get high engagement. Plan creative push notifications campaigns using advanced features like segmentation, RSS to push, triggers, scheduling and more.

As these are permission-based notifications, you will have a list of interested push subscribers so the high engagement. These push messages are beneficial for every niche industry in eCommerce, content-based websites, news & entertainment and more. 

If you are planning to start a push notification service for your website, the best choice is our free push service platform-Truepush.

Referral Marketing

What’s more when your customers market your product or service. Yes, over any marketing strategy word of mouth marketing is credible, budget-friendly and performs. 

Customers referring your brand happens organically but implementing referral strategies will encourage users to talk and share their experiences. For instance

  • You can offer special discounts, offers or privileges when they refer your service.
  • Ask for feedback or product reviews and use the content in promotions.
  • Identify influencers and ask them to promote your brand to targeted users.
  • Provide low cost for referred and new customers.
  • Create a reward structure with different levels.

To implement a referral program, you can use existing tools in the market that handles all the tasks.

Video Marketing

Startups are a hustle of many things. You have to scrape all resources available in the budget and make the most out of them. 

Formerly, video marketing is suitable for big businesses but now with the increase of video-sharing platforms, this strategy is appropriate for startups. You can share video content on your social media platforms, YouTube, Vimeo and more. 

For example, you can prepare video content on

  • How to use, download and software update guides
  • Product reviews content
  • Publish podcasts about how clients benefited from your product
  • New category or product launch on the website

With the new software, creating videos has become inexpensive, simple and easy. These tools provide opportunities to bring innovative ideas in creating videos.  Things which are seen are more registered than read. So, make your video entertaining and engaging.

Email Marketing

This is the basic and important marketing strategy for startups where you can stay connected and interact with users. Apart from this it also brings revenue to the startups. Marketers can add an email newsletters strategy in the sales funnel to attract users with product recommendations, new updates, info relevant and more. Unlike other marketing notifications, you can send long-form content, video content, images, referral programs and more.

Implement these 9 things to create effective email marketing campaigns.

Content Marketing

Content marketing helps websites to establish ranks in search engines, increase website traffic, and authority among customers and partners.

Marketers can start by creating content that answers the users’ questions and nurturing them to make a purchase. Have a content plan, optimize to appear on pages and distribute the content. It is the best way to digitally mark your startups and build recognition.

Content marketing generates leads for startups business which is a crucial step for building relationships. For example, create information ebooks and ask the visitors to provide email details to download or check the ebook. In the end, you will have strong prospective leads who are interested in your product.

Also, don’t forget about content repurposing. Take your content to social media, blogger websites, etc to increase visibility.

Search Engine Marketing

A visitor converts into a customer when you can make brand recognition and the first step for this is search engine optimization. But this benefits in the long run with continuous content creation, keywords and backlinks.

It is recommended to prefer search engine marketing to see an immediate effect. This strategy is about using paid ads to stay in the top search results. Check the below image that is displaying ads results for a search query.

Use tools like Google Ads using appropriate keywords and bidding value to reach the top positions. The tool has a steep learning curve which should be considered before implementing the strategy. 

Product Branding

Branding may not make it to the top priority list of marketing strategies for startups but definitely essential in the future. It differentiates you from competitors and makes an impression. The major benefit of branding is building trust, loyalty, awareness and word-of-mouth marketing. 

For example, your upstanding brand reputation will aid in promoting new products and services. As your customers trust your brand they will not think twice about investing. 

Here are steps to create your brand identity

  • Know your target audience and competitors
  • Pick an attractive brand name, subtitle and informative logo
  • Social media platforms
  • Invest in paid ads & influencer marketing
  • Maintain consistency

Join Forums & Groups

With the world becoming more digital, marketers can’t ignore online social groups and forums. We rely on the internet for solutions to many queries and revisit the groups that provided satisfactory answers. Startups joining relevant communities and groups will increase the mouth word about their products and services. This creates an interactive space that helps customers to know more.


Always focus on what works best for your business. As a startup, you need to choose strategies that are cost-effective and productive. You can use a combination of techniques and analyze the performance. Choose the marketing strategies that represent your target and reach your goals.