When marketing with online customers, content creation plays a crucial role in attracting users and making you stand out in the tough competitive crowd. When you are curating content for a blog or website page you need to consider the reader’s or visitor’s interests to attract them and make a reach. With many sources to consume content, the readers get attracted to the informative content represented in an interactive way. If you want your blogs to reach high search engine ranks, you need to curate unique content with SEO factors.

Now, you can relate this factor to push notifications. The first step to start your push campaign is crafting creative push notifications that are effective in attracting subscribers. But how do you know that your push messages are optimized enough to entice your users? Don’t worry here we have mentioned creative push notification ideas with examples and explanations of why they work.

For this, we have analyzed the web push notifications from leading websites of eCommerce, news & entertainment, job portals and more to break down the simple tricks they follow to attract users.

What Factors Make a Good Push Notification?

Before anything else, let’s learn a bit more about the structure of web push notifications. This also gives you a clear view of factors to optimize when curating creative push notifications.

Crispy Push Title: Don’t make your push message titles too long as they display on the notification panel and get truncated when a user receives many of them. Keep them short and on point to gain the attention of users.

Promotional Push Message: Tell more about your product or service promotion in the web push notification body using catchy words or numbers. Also, make sure to keep the push message titles and descriptions to a limited character count.

Right Link: Provide the right landing page links in the push notifications to decrease the customer journey levels. You can link pages like sales or offer pages, blogs, home pages, etc to push notifications or add CTA buttons.

Attractive Images: As per the saying images express a thousand words. It is effective to add promotion-depicted images in your web push notifications.

Actionable Buttons: Add CTA buttons to your push messages to make your users take immediate action.  It is recommended to add at least one and a maximum of two action buttons to push notifications.

Creative Push Notifications Ideas & Why they Work?

New Product Excitement

E-commerce stores consistently have new additions to their stores. You can create excitement among your subscribers with a perfect and creative push notification idea. Marketers can add riddles, offer numbers, and crispy phrases to keep them more relevant.

For example, let’s analyze the below push notification example. 

We have a catchy push title phrase that indicates the user’s thoughts about the product. The image gives additional details than the push message about the 50% discount which reduces the push messages character count. You can also observe the caps letters in push messages to grab additional attention.

Rewards Promotion

Promoting rewards to users has always been the working strategy of marketers for user engagement and retention rate. But with the old subject lines like “We Miss You” or “Come Back”, you can add new lines in push notifications to bring users back. 

In the above example, the push message has an attractive line “ don’t let these points fly away” which depicts the last chance to redeem them. You can also observe the emoji in push notifications which will give additional detail to the users. Bring your creative minds to work and curate attractive lines for the push messages.

Top Questions to Users

Think about this, have you ever got interested in reading a complete blog or open notification with the first line as a question?

Yes, popping out the question in the first lines of content is a technique for user engagement. We can also use this in curating push notification samples. This creates curiosity in the users to know more about the brand. You can ask questions where the answer is your product.

Let’s see a few question phrases that can give you a good start.

  • Thinking of a wardrobe update?
  • Want to try a new cuisine?
  • Are you planning a weekend trip?
  • Did you forget something in your cart?
  • Want to improve your website retention rate?

For example, observe the below push notification title with a question format and attractive images.

Timely Push Notifications

A right thing said at the wrong time can turn into the wrong thing. In the same way, untimely web push notifications can make you miss the potential of campaigns. So, you need to have an eye for push notifications timing. Always consider the geographical timing of your target audiences before sending notifications.  

For instance, you have to send push notifications in the late evenings. Now, when the user checks the device in the morning there is a high chance to clear the notifications without any glance. In this case, you have lost the chance to reach the user. So, to eliminate this you need to know the best time to send web push notifications. We have analyzed the success of push campaigns and have broken down the push notification timings for different industries.

Have Perfect Plan

Marketers are always concerned about the planning of campaigns because you can not have a successful marketing campaign without a perfect strategy. This helps marketers in curating creative content, segment audiences, campaign timings, and more.

For example, let’s take a look at the push campaign organized by an eCommerce store for the season-end sale. It is not appropriate to push many notifications on the day of the sale to users. Instead, you can plan the campaign by sending push notifications days prior to the event to give a head start on the sale. Also, check their search preferences and send relevant product offers on the sale day.

With Truepush, a free push service you can schedule push notifications easily during the sale period with hassle free edit option. You can also segment users and send personalized push notifications to the users.

Target Cart Abandoners

Cart abandonments account for up to 70% of loss in sales in the eCommerce industry. But on the other side with the right marketing strategy, we can retrieve these conversions. With the quality of creating urgency, push notifications are the best channel to retarget the cart abandoners. You can personalize notifications with exclusive offers, discounts on cart products and more.

Below are the push notification example sent for cart abandonment

Promotional Push Messages

Promoting offers and sales motivate users to make purchases. With push notifications, reaching customers anytime and anywhere is effortless. But you need to curate creative push notifications with attractive images, crispy content, and CTA buttons with the right landing pages. 

For example, observe the below mobile push notification ideas from the travel booking website.

The action words in the push title and description attract users to check the offer. The CTA button at the bottom will help users to reach the offer page with one click.

Onboarding Push Notifications

Onboarding push messages will help users to know more about your brand and create a strong relationship. For this, you can use welcome push notifications which are automatically sent after a successful subscription. You can push messages with welcome discounts, free trials, downloadable e-books, and more.  Choose a push service like Truepush that provides free access to the editable welcome push notification feature. You can write interactive and creative welcome push notifications that attract and engage new users.

For example, here is the welcome notification from the Trupush blog website.

Restock/ Stock Clearance Push Notification

It’s a good sign that your products are out of stock but you can’t leave those potential customers who visited to make a purchase. Send back-to-stock push notifications with new collections or discounts that can attract users to come back. These push notifications are very helpful for eCommerce websites which will also build strong relationships with users.

Location-Based Push Notifications

Imagine, You are running an outlet sale in X state and sending the offer push notification to the users from state Y.

Yes, it doesn’t make any sense and in the worst case, your users opt out of push notifications. So, you need to send push notifications according to the subscriber’s location. For this, you can segment users according to location for the push campaigns. With our push service, you can segment users according to country, state, and city. 

Limited Push Messages

Imagine receiving multiple marketing notifications from the website/app after subscribing. 

This practice annoys your users and may lead to an increase in the opt-out rate. So, send limited push notifications per day which gives value to your users. You can use Triggers in our free push service to send push notifications periodically and stay on your user priority. Websites can choose the periodicity to once, multiple dates, or repetition for daily, monthly, or yearly.

Well, that’s it!! These are some of the creative push notification ideas that can work for your websites to drive traffic. You can try others depending on your industry type and gain user interest in your website.