Holding users intact is the plan of action for any industry website to survive in the competitive environment. Marketers strive to identify strategies to improve fundamental metrics like engagement and retention rates.

The best strategy for this—Web Push Notifications

Yes, we bet you have received these push notifications on your desktop and mobile.

Why do these push messages overthrow other strategies for driving and engaging traffic? Let us see the difficulty with the other marketing strategies.

Content-Creating content is a great and fundamental action to drive traffic. But how much time would content take to appear in top search engine results and drive traffic exceptionally?

SEO– We all know that SEO brings steady growth to the website in the long term. But we can not expect spikes in traffic traction.

Social Media– Today websites can not hold on without their presence on social media platforms. You can expect a traffic pull but need to pay for playing ways of ads or boost posts to retarget users.

Display Ads– This is a traditional marketing strategy to stay in the user’s mind. But as said in social media, display ads are expensive to reach the right segment of audiences.

Emails— How many emails do you receive and open per day? Promotional emails are effective, but the low open and click rate make it challenging to engage the audience.

But why are push notifications different from all these marketing channels? What are the benefits of push notifications? Want to know the answers, keep reading the article.

What are Push Notifications?

Web push notifications are the perfect marketing tool to drive quality traffic and engage and retain them. You can run successful push campaigns to inform updates, drive conversions and increase brand awareness.

Push notifications are preferred by every industry website using them actively maintains relationships and engagement. Content websites with push notifications can reach their readers with new updates. They are popular among eCommerce websites to send product recommendations, delivery updates, discounts and offers to increase conversions.

For more information, read this blog on how to use push notifications in eCommerce to increase conversions.

Now let us discuss the push notification benefits that convince you to use the push notification service. Given this, Truepush is an effective and free push notification service. 

Why Push Notifications?

You may ask why push notifications when we have other channels to reach and target users.

  • Push notifications reach users even when they are not on the website.
  • The open rate is higher when compared with other channels.
  • No worry about landing in spam as they appear in the notification panel.
  • Push notifications unopened will stay on the notification panel, and users can view them at their convenience.
  • Push campaigns are easy to create and integrate into websites.
  • The user opt-in rate is high compared to other marketing channels.

9 Benefits of Push Notifications for Your Website

Improve User Engagement

Websites having weel built push notification strategies can boost user engagement. You have an increase in traffic but no conversions, the issue is engagement. So, make the audience engage with the website to make a conversion or visit again. Push notifications are the best user engagement channel for every niche industry.

The elements in push messages CTA links, images, and text will make your push notifications attractive and get a click. So plan rich push notifications campaigns for your users.

Content-based website push notification examples include a CTA button linking to relevant blogs or news webpage. The user reaches the expected page, which builds trust in the website. You can automate these engaging push notifications using RSS to push and inform readers or users about every new update.

Retention Rate

We know retaining users is easy and more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. And there is no perfect strategy than push notifications to increase this key performance indicator.

As push notifications are permission-based, you have a list of interested push subscribers. It increases the high probability of click rate and open rate. Websites can send welcome push notifications, product recommendations, reminders, and reference offers to increase retention rates.

Create push campaigns with friendly push content, notifications frequency, and segmentation for a high success rate. 

Here are strategies to increase user retention rate with push notifications.

Target Right Audience

Reaching the right audience ensures the website’s conversions and retention rate. It is because of reaching users with relevant notifications. Web push notifications are perfect for targeting the right audiences.

You can use the segmentation feature and choose the users to send personalized push notifications. It increases the probability of open, view and click rates of the push messages.

For example, an eCommerce website can target users with offers on local seasons or special days. An online website can send service update push messages according to the user’s platform.

With free push notification services like Truepush, you can easily choose the audience segment when you create a push notification campaign. You can check the estimated reach on the right side of the dashboard. 

Increase Conversions

Timely and relevant push notifications can increase conversions as they create interest and urgency among users. 

Simply put, push notifications increase engagement which improves conversion rate. Once the visitor opt-ins to your website push notifications, you can send offers, new content updates and more. It builds awareness, and user considers your brand before making a purchase.

For instance, cart abandonment is a tricky situation for the eCommerce website. The user engages with the website, adds products to the cart and leaves. At this point, all the efforts and time of marketers are worthless. You can send push messages depending on the user search behaviour on the website.

Track Actionable Metrics

Analyzing previous push campaigns KPIs provides insights to update the marketing strategies. The three main KPIs of push campaigns- click, view and open rate tell about user behaviour. Experiment with various web push notifications and stick with the one that showed productive results.

For instance, observe the push notifications which receive a high click rate. Check every element of the push message, from push text to timing and optimize your push campaigns. With the Truepush-push notification tool, you can observe all these metrics for every push campaign in the dashboard.


Give your users what they expect and need from you. It will increase your traffic, engagement and conversions.  

Personalization is in every marketing channel. It helps to get repeat audiences and gain user loyalty. Personalized push notifications engage audiences and motivate them to take meaningful action. To implement this, marketers need to understand the user behaviour on the website.

Know how personalized push notifications increase conversions.

Various Design Approaches

It is one of the major push notification benefits that avail marketers to use various design approaches according to push subscribers. Modifying notifications texts, banner images, notification icons, and notification sounds is easy with push notifications. You can also change the opt-in styles, designs, and display places to attract.

Easy to Use & Cost-Effective

The easy-to-use feature is one of the primary reasons for the approval of push notifications among marketers. It is simple to integrate into the website, and you are ready. The simple opt-in designs will lead high subscription rate compared to other channels. It is available as a plugin for all popular CMS platforms for hassle-free integration.

Unlike other marketing channels, push notifications are economical with more benefits. You can find various push notification services in the market. We recommend Truepush, a free push notification service for which you can save up to $1200/month on engaging with users. Access all advanced features like segmentation, automation, and triggers with the free plan, unlike other push services.

Push Limits of Marketing Strategies

Push notifications give opportunities to push marketing limits by using new strategies for reaching users. Because of the feasibility, you implement new techniques like segmentation, personalization, timing, frequency and more. Send consistent push messages to the users with relevant information and increase brand awareness and conversions.


These are the significant benefits of push notifications that give you reasons to include web push notifications in your marketing strategy. Web push notifications are suitable for mobile and desktop users and engage them.

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