All ears to Sushant Sharma, Brand Manager at boAt

boAt: Innovative and out-of-the-box electronics

boAt is a well-known brand for consumer electronics products. The company had remarkably sold close to 10,000 units each day in 2019, and boAt is India’s #1 brand for Headphones started in 2016. The product range includes headphones, earphones, speakers, travel chargers and premium cables.

About the speaker

“Being in the moment with the people is what we love to do” – Sushant Sharma, Brand Manager at boAt

Sushant Sharma, Brand Manager at boAt.
Sushant Sharma, Brand Manager at boAt.

Sushant Sharma, a young trend-hunter, and marketer, believes in narrative-led and storytelling marketing. He is a passionate thinker who wants to create ideas to make the world a better place. Also, he is a purpose-driven marketer, who thinks businesses should start thinking of customers as people, positioning as purpose, and products as a utility. 

Speaking about the experience with boAt

“boAt is an unconventional brand. When I decided to make a career in marketing I was clear about working in narrative-led and storytelling marketing rather than performance marketing.

boAt happened to give me that canvas with a completely digital native, strong narrative-led and storytelling campaigns.”

Additionally, he shares about the ‘Rock in India’ campaign by boAt as an example.

How users connect

“I think audio wear has now become an essential commodity. People now can’t do without a pair of head/earphones. In fact, they use more than one pair meant for different purposes, like for jogging/other activities wireless would be preferred, for casual music basic pair of earphones would be preferred and for parties, speakers would be preferred, etc.”

The evolution of Audio Utility

“As audio utility has been entrenched into different micro-movements, every country has a different life stage and India is in that life stage where they’re looking for things beyond their sustenance. Audio is a great commodity because the kind of products we sell fits into the largest scheme of things.”

Content is the centrepiece of marketing

“The idea is simple as we do a lot of influencer-led marketing. When you have good content and good influencers, it amplifies your content and takes it to the next level. It is almost like you are building a constellation of stars and that spree never stops. It is all interconnected as it spreads through sharing”

Speaking about boAt’s success Sushant says “We gave what people wanted, we understood the consumer better than any other brand”

boAt in the coming years

People are now talking and looking forward to connected devices, more like a system which makes it easier to send a message through just one centrepiece and this gave birth to boAt wearables. We launched wearables on the 9th of May, we are gradually planning to pave our way into gaming.” 

Competition & Marketing strategies

“Competition is really fierce and we are dealing with it through marketing strategies like Brand Architecture Approach. We have different ranges and collaborations coming up which is going to make the brand stand out.”

“Selling good products for a logical price has always been our philosophy for selling”

Listen to the podcast above to know more about boAt’s successful strategies!

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