In discussion with John Vuong, Owner at Local SEO Search

What is Local SEO Search?

Local SEO Search Inc. is a Toronto-based Search Engine Optimization company which amplifies business owners’ reach ready to buy for the customers on Google by providing More Clicks to their website, hence more sales to Business. Their main objective is to provide local business across Canada the best digital marketing experience possible.

About Speaker

“I just wanted to help the local businessmen and started this business without having any technical knowledge” – John Vuong, Owner at Local SEO Search.

John Vuong, Owner at Local SEO Search.

John Vuong, The owner of Local SEO Search since 2013, his mission is to equip local business owners with the right products, services (SEO) and knowledge to grow and expand to position these business owners as the industry thought leaders by being honest, transparent and having a strong will to succeed in business.

The Journey

“I started this agency 7 years ago back in 2013 but prior to that, I have been doing what I’ve been doing for 10+ years. Initially, my first job after I got out of college was selling ads base but more of the directory sales and traditional advertising. Eventually, I jumped into online performance-based advertising and understood how it worked. I then learned a lot about how to run a successful business while I worked with Yellow pages for over 5 years. During those 5 years, I worked with thousands of local business owners, they had so much knowledge and insights on how to cultivate and grow a successful business while taking care of their customers.” 

Importance of SEO in today’s world

“Before the internet existed, the business owners had to understand how to run a good business and market themselves smartly but mainly it was word of mouth and to have a solid product base and that took care of your customers. People knew they could trust Yellow pages because they knew it had the best database & honest trusted source of businesses. Similarly, Google came out and now everyone trusts google which is not just a database of business owners but information and content from big brands to youtube videos. SEO can drive inbound leads cultivated through the best type of clients that you want to go after.”

Three simple steps to boost website Ranking

With Google, there are over 200 SEO factors and you need to have a strong and differentiated foundation from your competitors. Top 3 tips according to me are:

  1. Knowing who your audience is, and understanding how to write compelling content in terms of your website so you can directly write to your ideal customer.
  2. Project the best type of content to your customer that is ideal for him.
  3. Make your website awesome! 

“Every person has a unique journey to share with their clients”

Current trends and personalisation

“There is always constantly new software and new trends to predict and automate. People want to save time and that is what tools are for. The challenge here is people’s behaviour is going to be on a relationship basis as people want to deal with real people. They want to communicate and have personal experience. They want as much personalisation as possible.”

“Human interaction can never be replaced with automated tools or techniques”

A thought to share…

Get the news that matters because there is a lot of content out there.

“Information is abundant but the challenge is to know if it is credible”

“Listen to the whole podcast above to know more about SEO strategies which made business easy”

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