All ears to an exclusive podcast with Angulo Fernando, the Head of Communications at SEMrush.

“Brands should use content just like another product that serves your customers, and not for promotions”

Fernando Angulo, Head of Communications- SEMrush
The guest of the week

Fernando Angulo, who is currently the Head of Corporate Communications at SEMrush, has experience in digital marketing for more than a decade. He’s a Specialist in Competitive Intelligence and Competitors Research and SEO & Paid Traffic Strategies for e-commerce and online business. Fernando has also headed the International Partnerships at SEMrush, and, of course, he is a well known Corporate Speaker and Evangelist. 

About SEMrush: A prominent and distinguished market player. 

SEMrush, as it’s known all over the world, is one of the most influential players when it comes to SEO and Digital Marketing Analytics Software. An all-in-one marketing suite for businesses is helping and enabling them with the most successful and accurate strategies. SEMrush has made more than 6 Million marketers achieve a growth continuum. 

91% of B2B marketers promote the brand through content marketing. This explains how important it is to enhance and glorify the brand’s visibility across different verticals, where SEO and analytical marketing is paramount. According to a survey, the primary reason to implement the brand’s content initiatives is to educate the customers, followed by customer retention. And, SEMrush is now one of the top players in the SaaS league. 

The gist of the most-talked-about discussion on the “Game of Growth.

The discussion starts with how SEMrush became the marketer’s favorite tool worldwide where Fernando explains, “When you are building your website or an online presence, you need to use different strategies such as SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, and of course, you need to know what all is happening among your competitors and be aware of performing competitors research. For example, paid advertising strategies that your competitors are using, etc. So having all the knowledge in one single place, we created and developed this platform, which enables you to do better with your online visibility”.

Fernando further explains if you are a blogger or an established brand or even someone who’s just starting their brand, you need to be well aware and strategically planned to build the online presence using such tools.

What most of the businesses are missing out? 

As the discussion proceeds further, Fernando shares that most of the businesses have their solid content marketing strategies, but where they fail is to execute it to the core. According to him, the primary key lies in making and leveraging the content as another “product,” whereas more than 80% of the brands use the content as a part of their promotions. The content strategies fail severely when the meaning of the content is narrowed down only to promotions and not providing valuable information. This is where the brand needs to build a rapport with their customers. 

Did you know?

  • According to Forbes, SEMrush increased its user base by an incredible 45% in 2019.
  • S.E.M.rush has been awarded the Best SEO Software Suite by U.S. Search Awards 2019 & UK Search Awards 2018. 

The global pandemic and online businesses

The podcast discussion further covers how the unprecedented global pandemic has resulted in marketing shifts and how the processes changed so quickly to adapt to the new normal. Fernando Angulo also explains that with people having to stay inside their homes during the lockdowns, they saw an increase in the searches like, “How to sell online?”, ” How to open my e-commerce business?” etc. This shows how interest in online businesses has grown higher. 

“For example, in 2019, more than five million marketers were using SEMrush, and by the next five month itself, there was a significant increase in the user base by one million”, quoted Fernando. 

So, as of now, the focus is laid more on the interface, as this would enable a newcomer to use the platform without any hassle. The only requirement would be to understand your strategies and audience and bingo! You can use the tool as a professional marketer. 

The whole discussion revealed many of the unheard perspectives from the leaders of the industries and not-to-be-missed information, which is not readily available online.

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