“Everybody should give back to society, that feeling can be unparalleled”-

Priyanka Prakash, Head of Online Marketing and Partnerships at GiveIndia.

In this selfish and cruel world where humanity is a rare thing to be seen, GiveIndia is the trusted platform for millions of people to donate and make the world a better place to live in. 

About GiveIndia

Initially, the idea of GiveIndia was born very simply to bridge the gap between two sets of people – people who want to give, who want to try and make a difference along with those who are doing phenomenal work but don’t know how to reach out to the people who want to support them. – Venkat Krishnan, Founder Of GiveIndia.

In conversation with Priyanka Prakash, who shares with us how they always strive to make a difference.

About the guest

Priyanka Prakash is the head of online giving, marketing, and partnerships at GiveIndia. She has over 14+ years of experience across product management, strategy & sales, and marketing. A Carnegie Mellon alumnus co-founded zoyo.ai, acquired by MagicTiger (A GrowthStory portfolio company).  

The Gist of the Discussion

Where, how, and who to give have always been the major questions.

GiveIndia’s main aim is to solve two main problems:

  1. Trust deficit
  2. To enable ease of giving.

GiveIndia’s Contribution to COVID situation:

Priyanka explains, “In the past 2-3 months, we have raised more than 200 crores just for COVID19, and for something like this to happen the intent and will within the organization has to be very aspirational. It has been a transformative experience for me both personally and professionally.”

“About 95% of the people that we come across always want to do something good, that is not amplified in our society”

Venkat Krishnan’s simple thought to give 2% of earnings which could help the poor move up the ladder was the first step towards GiveIndia.

Mainly, GiveIndia have various missions serving and solving different problems like:

  1. Mission: No Child Homeless– It focusses on taking kids away from the streets who are involved in many rackets.
  2. Mission: Akshaya Patra– It focusses on driving out hunger and malnutrition by implementing the Mid-Day Meal Scheme in the government and government-aided schools.

Furthermore, she explains it is important to keep the donors informed and engaged through personalized newsletters and updates about the impact they have created through their donation, no matter how small the donation is. 

“Channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have become a choice to hold a narrative to talk about various issues and the work that we are doing.” Priyanka added.

In conclusion, 

“A lot of people are looking to giving as a way of life and making it a very active part of their lifestyles and journeys, I would encourage everybody to find what that is for you whether it is one NGO or volunteering or finding people to support and give back.”

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