“If you are getting critical then plasma is something that seems to be helping a lot of patients to recover better and faster”- Pallav Bujjuri, CEO at Kahaniya, Creator of Donate plasma.

About the speaker

A passionate Computer Engineer by education interested in the intersection of tech, humanity, and civilization. The founder of Kahaniya and SaddaHaq and the creator of Donate plasma platform. Also looking after the Product & Business strategy besides managing the day to day operations of the company. 

The Gist of the discussion

Speaking about how the experience of Kahaniya and SaddaHaq helped build donateplasma.scsc.in 

“With SaddaHaq, with Kahaniya we understand what kind of approaches people take towards technology and what kind of impact, a very small piece of technology can have on vast masses of people”

“They are guiding us in terms of product, graphic, and application design. Also, how to make things as easy and simple as possible” – He added.

About social journalism

“What if journalism existed as a social network rather than an input/output mechanism of information, it is always a one-way streak”

He then explains how a campaign back in 2014 was working to abolish section 377 and how SaddaHaq created an impact on it.

The Situation in Telangana

Firstly, there is a rapid increase in the number of cases in Telangana each day. Nevertheless, the good part is that Telangana’s recovery rate is around 75.1%. It should be noted that the plasma of recovered cases contains antibodies which if used for the current patients, would help them have a faster recovery. 

When asked about Donate Plasma he says,

“It is an extremely simple platform if you are someone who is looking to get plasma you just have to fill out a form on this with the details and can raise a request and on the other hand if you are someone that has recovered from COVID and if it has been 14 days since you have tested negative then you can register as the donor of plasma.”

Furthermore, he talks in detail about the application and how the government officials helped achieve the pertained goals.

“Ensuring the effective implementation of technology to reach the ultimate goal of faster recovery and get the virus out of the company.”

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