How “Tecvideos”- Spanish inbound website uses Truepushfor customer re-engagement.

Interview with Gonzalo Suárez Mendaza owner of

Interview with Gonzalo Suárez Mendaza owner of

We at Truepush work with passion and enthusiasm to help our clients get back their subscribers and help them widen their area of growth. Here’s an interview with Gonzalo Suárez Mendaza (owner of shares his experience on how they communicate with their customers through Truepush.

About Tecvideos:  

We started our website two years ago, our website/channel known as Tecvideos TV was created by Gonzalo Suárez Mendaza. The main aim is to create fun and dynamic content by providing valuable information on technology, we also make it more interesting and engaging by giving new tricks that can be applied on applications, programs and for Playstation and etc. uses Truepush for User-engagement. uses Truepush for User-engagement.

1. What is your website? Can you narrate us the story behind building it? (What is the unique problem you’re trying to solve)

The name of my website is Tv is a place wherein I give my users the latest and exciting updates on technology. In addition to that, I give them various tips and tricks on games, applications, and programs. I also have a YouTube channel that has more than 880k subscribers.

2. What are the various growth or marketing channels you’re trying to get more visitors on the website?

I use push notifications to increase website growth and stay connected to my users. Truepush helps me send notifications of the new posts, blogs, and subscribers.

3. Do you think customer retention is crucial for businesses? How do push notifications help in it?

Yes, I believe customer retention is important for every business. Through push notifications, I am able to communicate with my users even if they are not on the website just by sending in notifications.

4. How do you plan out your push notification strategy? What are the parameters you consider while building it?

We follow a quite simple and effective strategy of making the push messages more attractive with colorful yet relevant images and catchy headlines. 

5. How long have you been using Truepush, and how is it helping you achieve your business goals?

It has been 4-5 months or less since I started using Truepush. It is helping me to reach a wide range of users.

6. Any feedback for the product and the Truepush team?

I used various Push notification platforms, but Truepush undoubtedly offers the best features that too free of cost hence I am very happy to use their platform. The only suggestion I would like to give them is to improve the AMP versions. If they improve this, more people will use their platform. Cheers!

Conclusion: As it is very important for every content publisher to amend its users with the latest information. Truepush helps Gonzalo – the owner of website, connect with his users in a timely manner by giving them the latest technology updates. This not only increases user engagement but also increases user retention. 

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