How “”- The largest student guidance portal uses Truepush to boost user engagement.

We as a team at Truepush are always elevated to help brands to re-engage with their audience. The interview of AglaSem with Anand(Co-founder at Aglasem) shares his experience on how it helps in driving organic traffic to the website and improving the ranking of the website using Truepush.

About Aglasem

Founded in the year 2012 as a company, though it has its roots from earlier when the website was started as a common educational resource point for college students. It is an Indian ed-tech company that specializes in education-related services and products.


Interview with Anand, Co-founder at AglaSem

Interview with Anand, Co-founder at AglaSem

1. What is your website? What was your intention for starting it (What is the unique problem you’re trying to solve)?


AglaSem logo
AglaSem logo

Intention: That’s an amusing story in itself. When we started, we were in college, an engineering college that too. And those who have been there, know that a unique phenomenon of engineering colleges is that 1-2 days before semester exams, students line up in front of photocopy shops to take copies of past year papers, notes, syllabus, and all that they need to study and ace the exams overnight. We did not like standing in the queue and hence launched a website where all college students can get the study material in one place.
From there, the website grew to what it is today – where we give study material, information, and updates to school students, admission seekers, college students both graduate and postgraduate, and job seekers.

2. What are the different ways of growth or marketing channels you’re trying to get more visitors on the website?

Our focus has primarily been organic growth, coupled with bringing repeated visitors through channels such as push notification, email, SMS. Plus, to get new visitors via social media channels. Being bootstrapped, we do not spend much on marketing channels.

3. How the usage of push notifications in your business impacts user growth/ How do you maximize customer retention using push notifications?

There has been a phenomenal shift in the way users consume data, from a few years ago to today. Earlier, the user used to search a lot. Now they want to be given the information. Here, push notification plays a vital role as users get well-drafted, easy to interact with, push notifications on their mobile screens.

4. What factors do you consider while building a push notification strategy to increase engagement?

Relevance and timing are important. If we can tell the user – hey! this is what you were looking for, and we have it here – he/she is happy to have said yes to getting notifications. Else, it does not take them long to unsubscribe!

5. Which push notification feature do you use the most and how it helped you to solve your problem?

We use both staggered campaigns which are repeated but differently drafted push messages for our ongoing campaigns, RSS notifications so that users can get updates, and site-wide push notifications if some major event happens.

6. How is Truepush helping you achieve your business goals?

A business is dependent on happy users. And by using truepush, we can deliver to the users what they need on time. Plus, the traffic that it generates helps in improving the ranking of the page which again helps in organic traffic. Plus, what we like about Truepush is that the team is super-approachable! It is easy to coordinate and discuss strategies and features. And it is rather kind of the (Truepush) team to implement the suggestions on the go. Thanks!

7. Any feedback for the product and the Truepush team?

We had a few suggestions regarding segmentation but the team has already done it. So kudos! Nothing specific comes to my mind right now.

AglaSem integrated Truepush recently and has been continuously using our services to re-target its users. Truepush is glad to help this student guidance portal in user re-engagement and help them in gaining repeat traffic.
Happy to have clients like AglaSem on board and Cheers to our constant collaboration! 

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