Impact of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and 2020 will be remembered as the year which has brought significant changes in the lifestyle of people around the world and as per the research, the virus is here to stay for at least next few years. 

The lifestyle has changed significantly during the pandemic, and work from home has become the new normal. The global economy has fallen rapidly with offices around the world asking their employees to work from home.

While most of us also have time to read the news, as self-distancing measures have impacted various institutions/ industries. As we work from home, we may have some extra time cutting the commute time from home to office avoiding traffic chaos. This means more leisure time can be devoted to staring at the screens (TVs/Mobiles). 

The Impact of Covid-19 outbreak the online traffic with different categories getting a spike in consumption while a few categories getting the traffic spike down.


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Let us see how the outbreak is impacting the traffic of different categories of websites by jotting a few examples.

1. Media publishers

A post or an article with live updates about coronavirus tops on the trending page. This shows that the news websites or blogs that are frequently updating the information on the current status of the virus outbreak are gaining an increase in traffic. 

A free push notification would play a crucial role as the live updates about the pandemic can be sent as notifications to the users. A frequent and relevant free push notification will undoubtedly show a massive spike in the repeat traffic. 

Our clients, like Way2news, TheHansIndia, and Hmtvlive, are sending live updates on coronavirus and keeping their users posted. The media industry is gaining a lot of traffic as the people are at home and are more curious to know about the things happening around the world.

Notification on Coronavirus update

Notification on Coronavirus update

2. Networking sites and Online communities

The social distancing has cut down all the physical connections between friends and close-ones. Since there is no other way than staying connected with friends, colleagues, and family members, people stay connected through different networking sites and online communities to know each other’s well being and share thoughts and insights.

Online communities are also seeing substantial active participation, as many businesses are looking forward to planning out various strategies to counter this lockdown downtime.

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Coronavirus spurs spike in Zoom, Microsoft, Cisco use as workers stay home. 

There is a considerable spike in the usage of video calling applications for businesses. 


“Microsoft saw usage of its app explode in China amid the country’s lockdowns, with Teams meetings jumping 500%, and usage of the Teams mobile app increasing by 200% in the country from January to February”. Source-

As more employers seek access to video services, providers see it as an opportunity to gain new clients.

3. E-commerce and Online shopping

There is a bit of downfall for the E-commerce industry related to fashion, beauty, and others. The E-commerce activity, mainly associated with health and grocery are in reasonable demand. The isolation has limited access to the people to step out of their homes and purchase the daily necessities. 

Platforms like, Amazon, and Medlife are providing their services limiting to a specific time period. The shopping pattern of people has changed from desire to necessity.

Source- Similar web

4. Food delivery applications

People can’t go out to have food and drinks. The craving for food or the shortage of groceries is turning online food delivery restaurants or applications into a huge demand. Many food delivery applications and restaurants are driving an initiative of contactless food delivery Solutions to ensure safety.

Source- Similar web

The delivery partners like Zomato and Swiggy etc. have taken up new initiatives to deliver the food to their clients with proper hygiene checks.

Source- Zomato

Ordering food from a place that treats workers with care shows that people are supporting small businesses, families, and the economy. 

5. Binge-watching- TV series and streaming

People now have more time to stick to their TV screens, laptops, or iPads to relax and refresh. A lot of websites or applications that give access to the video content is in huge demand.

Have a look at the spike in the traffic growth for online content.

Source- Similar web


The OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix are outperforming in the market in this particular period. 

6. The Travel Industry

The virus outbreak is having an enormous impact on the travel industry, ranging from online ticketing platforms, hotel bookings to commuting service providers. 

Platforms like Goibibo, Makemytrip, Uber, Ola, OYO see the downtime in this pandemic situation. According to sources, it is estimated that on an average of 2.25 million rides take place through Ola and Uber in India every day, falling to minimal use during the uncertain situation.  The Travel industry is seeing a massive downfall during this pandemic, and the trend will see no rise in business until the epidemic lasts.


7. Online educational platforms

The pandemic has forced schools and colleges to shut down, and encouraging learners to take an online class or subscribe to a course to pace up with their peers until the lockdown. This urgent need is creating a high demand for websites that offer courses and conduct classes online. 

Our clients like Aglasem, GetMyUni, and Cracku, etc. are using this situation and empathizing with the users by providing offers on course materials, mock tests, and past examination papers. This frequent engagement with the users using push notification service by offering special discounts is helping them to gain repeat traffic

Example: Here’s how “Cracku” can get access to different courses at discount prices by using coupons. 


Looking at the reports on the spread of the virus around the world, the pandemic does not seem to end any sooner. It will be quite interesting to add new experiences and new normal trends of working. There will be different kinds of impact the pandemic will leave on various industries. It will change the way people used to live before the pandemic and post-pandemic. In this challenging time, only a hope that pandemic will end soon is holding people together. 

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