Leap forward with a tantalizing conversation with Shivani Maheshwari, COO at TalkCharge.

“Don’t chase money, don’t chase fancy titles, don’t fall in the trap of overnight success.” – Shivani Maheshwari

Shivani Maheshwari is a Digital Leader who ensures major alliances and scaling up of sales & traction. She is an expert in product development & growth and in fields like Marketing, Business Management & Technology. She helps in building high-performing teams across the board. An individual with the experience of being a member of a construction team while building scenarios in a test environment and taking them to live on production. She believes in technically investing in oneself, investing in our dreams, and investing in our gut feeling that our idea is going to work and would be loved and appraised by millions of people. 

TalkCharge: One step forward to Digital India. 

TalkCharge is a Cashback & Coupon App & Website that helps users earn cashback as Real Money on every online purchase they make with online shopping stores & websites like Flipkart, Swiggy, Ajio, MakeMyTrip, BigBasket, or even sites like Medlife. A company with a vision to scale up the businesses and bring innovations through technology while trusting its own intuitions, with a Never Stop Goal. With the tagline “Shop More, Save More” the company looks to leap forward in this digital world while driving its customers with it. 

A centre of interest from the TalkCharge Podcast conversation.

The conversation kicked off with the idea behind the creation of TalkCharge as perceived by Shivani Maheshwari. She believes in the concept of right execution at the right time which was originated by the Indian’s love for free rewards which was incorporated into a business model with affiliate marketing. Like any other start-up or business, the company started as a bills payment survey and service which later shifted to adding sweet deals through coupons, growing with the trends of the market. It is essential to understand that beginners’ luck isn’t a business thing. Like the usual setbacks faced by any startup, Talkcharge faced a zero customer base, which they evaluated with the help of 1000’s surveys and hours of dedication. 

“You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything”

By learning from the accumulated data, the company focused on letting their marketing speak to the users. There are many challenges that a business or company needs to face in their lifetime. But having a strong vision and clear idea of where you want to go makes those challenges look like opportunities. Shivani believes in the quote, “Don’t build a startup, build a company. Then, everything will fall in its place”. 

Shivani believes that focusing on the customer’s loyalty thancustomer count can really help a long way in containing the company’s success. She also stresses equally focusing on retention and acquisition which are the important concepts of today’s world. As the podcast came to a close, Shivani shared some insights on how one can create their own identity in the competitive world. Having a unique model and a combination that suits your style the best is the key to achieving that. Understanding the market while retaining your patience to keep moving is crucial. 

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