Make a great deal out of your business by listening to a conversation with Chirag Jain, Founder of Hungama Deal.

“It is very essential to give customers the right valued product, it shouldn’t be the last product they are buying from us.” – Chirag Jain

Chirag Jain is the founder of Hungama Deal, India’s online shopping portal. He is a web developer and marketing specialist with experience in running an Affiliate Marketing and content marketing Portal for more than 5 years. Chirag Jain started blogging at a very early age and has won many contests in the same. He is self-motivated and a team player who looks for opportunities for adding up new skills to himself to keep up with the market. He persistently urges us to learn new things and has a strong sense of innovation. 

Hungama Deal: Get the right deal at the right time.

Hungama Deal is an Indian-based online shopping portal that provides customers best deals with various eCommerce stores. It helps consumers in finding the Best Deals, Top Deals online, coupons & discounts for a wide range of products. It was set up in the year 2014 and is the best place to get online shopping deals, coupons, and product advice from 100+ online stores. Hungama deal app is available in the play store that provides featured deals to its customers.

The Gist

The Hungama podcast started with the introduction of the Hungama deal and how the idea came into existence. Chirag talks about the early days of this idea when he wrote a blog on this in his ninth grade and won a smartphone for the same which motivated him to further work on this idea. Having zero knowledge about affiliate marketing and other domains, his persistence and hardworking nature helped him master the domains he is currently working in. He further talks and explains how affiliate marketing is changing the game in the current market situation. 

The pandemic has helped the market evolve at a faster pace. As a result, there’s a huge shift from offline to online marketing. Consumers of online shopping have increased tremendously. Affiliate marketing contributes more than 20% of total sales and 1/5th of total earnings in eCommerce. 

Affiliate marketing & Competition.

In this Hungama podcast, Chirag Jain shared his views on affiliate marketing, how the idea came into existence & how it has been striking gold ever since. He believes that affiliate marketing is a  means for getting a commission. He points out the fact that a high percentage of Indians are obsessed with cashback, deals, and offers which is why there is exponential growth. When the topic transgressed into the competition, Chiraj shared some organic SEO strategies that his company is currently experimenting with which would give a heap of insights to the listeners.  

As the competition is growing sturdily, Chiraj advises us to have a strong strategy that can keep us going in tough times. The right time to promote the time-limited deals to the targeted audience is essential for anyone in the affiliate marketing industry. It should be followed by instant alerts and pop-ups sent to the customers right away. To avoid any discrepancies, the company first verifies the quality from the product reviews and checks every possible detail before promoting any deals.

“Deals and offers add essence to online marketing”

As the conversation reached its peak, Chiraj handed out some tips to improve customer engagement. He believes that it is important to give loot deals alerts to customers instantly so that they get the benefits out of it which is possible by the company’s active presence in different social media channels. With plans of the future at hand, the conversation came to a close. 

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